Saturday, August 18, 2018

Marc Vidito Interview

I met the very talented Marc Vidito at the Messiah Conference.   I really enjoyed chatting with him!

Marc has been a leader in the Messianic community for over 20 years in both a worship and youth leadership capacity.  He has served as speaker, conference planner, honorary exec and worship leader for the YMJA in both the national and regional arenas and currently serves as YMJA Worship Advisor. He has recorded albums with Kol Simcha, Kathy Shooster, Growing Faith, and his current band, HaShir.  Marc's two main ministerial passions are worship and youth mentorship.  He has lived these out at home by leading the worship ministry and co-leading the youth ministry with his wife Dara in their home congregation, Beth Hallel, in Roswell. GA since 2002.  He currently serves the Messianic worship community worldwide as the Ministry Director of Meuchad: Messianic Worshippers United, found online at He hopes to bring his two young daughters alongside in ministry as they continue to grow in the Lord.

Today's show includes music from Jonathan Settel, Joshua Aaron, Paul Wilbur,  HaShir, Sue Samuel, David & Karen Seguin, Corry Bell & Lev Shelo, and Marty Goetz. 

Saturday, August 11, 2018

Steven Shreyberg Interview

Today's show features an interview with an interesting man I met at the Messiah Conference this past July.  

Steven Shreyberg was born to Russian- Jewish parents and raised in Toronto, Canada. Though God touched and revealed himself throughout Steven's life, it wasn't until Ma rch, 2012 that he finally began walking with God and received Yeshua the Messiah. Today, he is married with a new beautiful baby girl and serves at City of David Messianic synagogue in Toronto, Canada. 

Sunday, August 5, 2018

Carol Plantarich Interview

Carol was once a member of the popular Messianic singing group Kol Simcha!   Since 1992 she has been the secretary at Congregation Beth Yeshua in Philadelphia, PA.

Learn more about this nice Jewish lady who found her faith in Yeshua --- and enjoy some wonderful music from Kol Simcha, Kathy Shooster, Joshua Aaron, Sarah Liberman, Lamb, Jonathan Settel, The Schleps, Natasha Kraus Reynolds -- and more!!!

Sunday, July 29, 2018

Elihana Elia Interview

At this year's Messiah Conference I had the privilege to meet this sweet, talented young singer from Israel.    You will love Elihana Elia's music and our interview together very much.

Elihana Elia (Hebrew: אליחנה אליה, born August 31, 1995) is an Israeli, American and Brazilian singer, songwriter, producer and spokesperson. 
Elihana is passionate about creating inspirational music with messages of faith, hope and love for this generation. She has great passion for the God of Israel and the Tanach (Bible). She was born in the USA and lived 6 years in Brazil. As a child, Elihana listened to her mother who would sing, play the piano and compose songs, she began singing and performing from an early age.
In 2002, her older brother, who was 17 at the time, had a car accident on the way to teach Tanakh (Bible) to a youth group. Her brother loved God so much and helped so many people. This changed Elihana’s life in such a radical way and strengthened her desire to serve God, to love people and use music as a tool to comfort and give faith and hope to others.
She has released albums in English, Hebrew and Portuguese. 

Saturday, July 21, 2018

Sally Klein O'Connor Again!!!!

What an exciting thing -- to have my dear friend Sally Klein O'Connor on the air with me again!  Her life was changed when she was bit in the face by a dog at eight years old.   Called "scar face" by her peers, she went through many trials before learning that in God's eyes she is beautiful!   Now she travels the world helping others learn that they, too are beautiful!

Enjoy her music and the interview --- you will be blessed!!!

For more info go to her site at!

Joining us in the studio today was her sweet daughter Bonnie Joy.

Sunday, July 15, 2018

Randy Katz - Again!

Shalom!   I never get tired of this fun interview with my dear friend and pianist Randy Katz!   Yep, he has been accompanying me when I lead worship for many years!!!   We go wayyyyy back!!!

I have lost track of when this first aired -- I think maybe 11 years ago.   Enjoy great music and an adorable interview!!

Saturday, July 7, 2018

Grant Berry Interview-3

Back by popular demand, here is an exciting show with author, speaker and Rabbi Grant Berry!   We are discussing his latest book, "Romans 911."

Grant Berry is a Jewish believer in Yeshua and is also the author of The New Covenant Prophecy and The Ezekiel Generation. He has founded Reconnecting Ministries with the specific focus to help the church reconnect spiritually to Israel and considers it vital to the kingdom of G-d in the last days. His message focuses on the unity, love and healing that the Father wants to bring between Jew and Gentile yet clearly points out the differences and misunderstandings between the two groups. Now is the time to look more carefully into this mystery to make way for healing and reconnection in the Spirit. For more information, please visit