Saturday, February 9, 2019

Gary Selman Testimony

I heard Gary Selman's testimony at the Messiah Conference back in 1997.   I was amazed, it was the most incredible testimony I ever heard.

You also will be amazed, entertained and inspired by this, guaranteed!!!   Here's a little background:

The vision for Beth Israel began with Gary Selman, a Messianic Jewish businessman with a heart for sharing the Gospel to Jew and Gentile alike and Pastor Charlie Rizzo of the Church of the Nazarene who gave early support to the new work. Meanwhile, a young Jewish believer named Jonathan Cahn had been leading a Bible Study in Rockland County New York and leading a ministry bringing food and the God’s love to the homeless of New York City.  Gary Selman asked Jonathan to help him start the new ministry.  Jonathan agreed to give whatever help was needed.  In 1988, Gary asked Jonathan to become the spiritual leader.  And after much prayer, Jonathan said ‘yes.’ 

Gary was a nice Jewish boy who wanted nothing to do with Yeshua.   But God got his attention with lightning bolts!!!

BTW Gary and Jonathan had a radio show called "Two Nice Jewish Boys" for many years and they were very helpful to me when Bagels and Blessings began.

Gary has gone on to glory and walks on streets of gold.   I pray his story will be a blessing to you!

Sunday, February 3, 2019

Shoshanna Meyerson Interview

Here's a fun interview with Shoshanna Meyerson.  Shoshanna was raised Catholic and as a young woman, she went to an Evangelical service at a Presbyterian Church, and while there she met the Messiah. She was radically transformed and cleansed.  Later she married a Jewish man, Rabbi Andy, and discovered the Jewish roots of her faith. She has had many miraculous experiences. God is doing exciting things at their multiple congregations in the Carolinas today.

Enjoy wonderful music from Lamb, Israel's Hope, Rivka Whitten, Avner and Rachel Boskey, Karen Davis, and Liberated Wailing Wall.

More Music, Less Talk

Sometimes ya just gotta kick back and hear music -- lots and lots of music!!   Today's show featured music from Jonathan Settel, Joshua Aaron, Sally Klein O'Connor, Miqedem, Baht Rivka Whitten, Paul Wilbur, Avner & Rachel Boskey, Joel Chernoff, Ted Pearce, Craig Taubman and The Schleps --- but not necessarily in that order.

Enjoy dahling, enjoy!!

Sunday, January 13, 2019

Jay Ledbetter Interview

Hear ye, hear ye!   Another FANTASTIC interview coming your way!   You will enjoy this great conversation with Jay Ledbetter as he shares how he came to faith.

And great music too!

Jay was ordained as an Orthodox Rabbi pursuant to the authority of the Beit Din of Philadelphia. He is a Vietnam-era veteran and served in infantry and special forces. He has authored a couple of books on Passover and conducts annual Messiah-in-the-Passover celebrations. He is has an active law practice in Denver, Colorado. Jay is also a voting, independent, volunteer board member of Zola Levit Ministries.
A little bit of Jay's testimony. In his own words:
I knew none of my family history as I grew up. I did know that my grandfather was circumcised, as I knew that my father was, too. I found out as a young man that I had been circumcised on the 8th day, but that meant nothing to me at the time. None of the family attended any church or synagogue of any kind. Nobody ate kosher. Nobody kept Sabbath. For an outward observer, the Ledbetter family was nothing more than just another immigrant family of no particular interest. The assimilation had been rather complete.
My father always told me we were a family from Germany. He used that to explain why he was beaten up frequently as a child. My mother insisted that we attend some sort of church on occasion, and so my father allowed it. We had no particular denomination in which I could identify with, but we worshipped G-d and understood Yeshua as Messiah, although to us, he was called “Jesus”. My mother insisted (on a frequent basis) that I have the highest regard for the Jewish people, and never say anything against that people. It was a recurring theme in her instruction, but I didn’t understand then why… 

Also, Jay has traveled to Zambia many times and assisted AlexYalgenga with the Zambia Messianic Fellowship.

Saturday, January 5, 2019

Emily Emanuel Interview

I met this delightful young lady at the Messianic Leaders Roundtable (MLR) in Arizona this past November.  You will enjoy hearing her story and wonderful music from Jonathan Settel, Rachel & Avner Boskey, Deborah Kline Iantorno, Sarah Liberman, Greg Silverman, Sally Klein O'Connor, The Schleps, and Ted Pearce.

Emily Emanuel is a Jewish believer in Jesus that lives between London, Los Angels and Israel.  She is passionate about seeing young millennial Christians understand God's heart for Israel and the Jewish people encounter the Love of Yeshua!

Sunday, December 30, 2018

Daniel Calic Interview

I met so many fascinating people at a recent conference in Arizona.   Enjoy this interview with Daniel Calic of Bless Israel Network, and great music from Jonathan Settel, Corry Bell, Joshua Aaron, The Schleps, Deborah Kline Iantorno, Miqedem and Marty Goetz!

Daniel is a Jewish believer in Yeshua and is the
Co-Founder, Co-Director Israel Operations and Co-Host of Revelation to the Nations. He and his wife D’vorah have been helping Christians understand the Jewish roots of their faith for many years. In 2007 after making numerous trips to Israel, they launched a teaching ministry called God’s Everlasting Covenant, and in 2011, they answered a calling from God and made Aliyah.
Daniel comes from a traditional Jewish background in the US and is part of a large family, many of whom are Israeli natives. He is a passionate defender of Israel, having written numerous articles which have appeared in mainstream publications. He and D’vorah share a call to help Jews recognize who they are in God’s eyes. Daniel and D’vorah have spoken at numerous Christian and Messianic Jewish congregations, and Daniel has been a guest on Daystar TV. 
They are co-founders of Bless Israel Network, which is a media organization based in Israel. Their program, Revelation to the Nations, is the first and only dedicated platform providing a worldwide voice for the Messianic body in Israel. Their program interviews Messianic believers which allows them to share how these believers are building the Kingdom in the Land through humanitarian work. Revelation to the Nations is an interactive bridge giving believers worldwide the opportunity to bless their believing brethren inside Israel. It also allows believers to play a direct role in bringing Jews to faith in Israel, by allowing viewers to support the various Ministries humanitarian work, which includes sharing the Gospel.
For more information about the Bless Israel Network visit

Monday, December 24, 2018

Rabbi Michael Schiffman Interview

One of the great things about attending Messianic conferences is that I get to meet fascinating believers from all over the world.  At the Messianic Leaders Roundtable (MLR) in Phoenix this past November I met Rabbi Michael Schiffman and he agreed to be my guest via a pre-recorded phone interview.

Dr. Schiffman grew up in New York in a traditional Jewish family. He has earned BA, MDiv and DMin degrees. In addition, he has had an ongoing private study of Talmud, Shulchan Oruch, and Chasidus.
Dr. Schiffman is the Executive Director of Chevra USA, a humanitarian organization that feeds elderly Jews, particularly holocaust survivors, in the Former Soviet Union and Israel, as well as mentoring Messianic Leaders in Eastern Europe. 
Dr. Schiffman has lead three Messianic Jewish congregations in Arizona, Ohio, and New York, and served as Associate Rabbi in Connecticut. He has authored two books, and has been a frequent contributor of articles to Boundaries, Kesher, Messianic Outreach, and other publications. 
Dr. Schiffman also is a lecturer on Messianic Judaism, History, Torah, and Messianic Worship in the Union of Messianic Jewish Congregations Yeshiva, and is a Professor on the faculty of St. Petersburg Theological Seminary, as well as an adjunct professor in several theological schools.
For more information about Chevra USA visit
You will also enjoy some wonderful holiday music from Raphael Giglio, Marty Goetz, Beckah Shae, Carlos Perdomo, Jonathan Settel and the Schleps.