Sunday, October 14, 2012

Tom Ackerman Interview

Born and raised in and around Washington DC, Tom lived overseas for about twelve years, serving mostly as an English teacher, he also worked for two years as a musician and henna tattoo artist. He is about 8-years-old in Messiah, thanks to God's mercy and grace. Tom has been with the MJAA, and very happily, since February of this year. He and his wife Jenny have been married nearly three years, and have a one-year-old son Elijah, and God willing more to come. The Ackermans attend Beth Yeshua synagogue in Philadelphia.  In this broadcast Tom shares about coming back to his Jewish roots and you'll also enjoy music from Marty Goetz, Barry & Batya Segal, Jonathan Settel, and Zemer Levav.   Also in honor of Simchat Torah you'll hear an adorable song from Zealout Sounds called "Simchat Torah in the Wild West."   Enjoy!

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