Monday, May 27, 2013

Renate Kaufmann Interview

This interview originally aired in April, 1999.  Renate grew up in Cologne, Germany. Hidden as a child, Renate survived the Holocaust.   Renate shares her surprise when she learned that she was Jewish, the tragedy of her father's death and the faith that he taught her.  This faith carried her through many tough times.  Through Yeshua, Renate learned to forgive those that harmed her father.   A poet, artist and former seamstress, Renate wrote about her experience during the Holocaust in her book, "Justify Us Through Your Life."  She also published a book of her poems called "I Survived the Holocaust." She currently resides in Israel, although originally she was denied citizenship by the Israeli government because of her belief in Yeshua as Messiah.  Her court case was handled by the Jerusalem Institute for Justice.  Renate has now been granted permanent residency in Israel.   Pray for her as she adjusts to living in the land of our forefathers!

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