Saturday, December 20, 2014

Nate Benjamin Interview

Today's program featured the music of Nate Benjamin!  You're in for a real treat.   Plus you'll get to hear an interview with him and hear how he came to faith!

Nate was raised by Jewish parents in a Messianic community centered in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He grew up surrounded by musicians, songwriters and worship leaders, where he developed his love for worship music. His writing style draws inspiration from the sounds of Bethel Music, IHOP-KC and Hillsong, blended with Messianic Jewish music and themes.

His 2013 debut album, "Sacrifice of Worship," includes five original songs written by Nate. The EP was produced in Nashville, Tennessee and Camp Hill, Pennsylvania by Tim James of Emmaus Media and Design and features some of the top musicians in the CCM scene. This album includes a few duets, specifically two very special ones with Elisha Chernoff and the other with Joshua Aaron.  To learn more about Nate Benjamin, visit

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