Sunday, July 19, 2015

Jeremiah Interview

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Today was so very different - but in a good way!   Bagels and Blessings usually doesn't play a lot of rap music but I discovered "Jeremiah" and he's a nice Jewish boy who loves Yeshua and writes awesome music!

Jeremiah was born and raised in New Jersey and started playing the drums at the age of nine. Growing up, he played in garage bands and wrote songs on the guitar. Later in Philadelphia, he started to rap and make beats on the synth and sampler.

Today, Jeremiah writes and produces music videos as well as his songs, doing live shows internationally. Look for his latest video "Intergalactic Zombie Hunter" a bonus track from his new debut album "White Knuckle" coming soon.

Today's show features all his music and Shai Sol from Israel sings on the bonus track "Watchman the Prophecy."  Enjoy!

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