Sunday, August 9, 2015

Paul Liberman Interview

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So you heard Jack Wasson's story, how he came to know and love the Liberman family and how he sat down with Paul Liberman to record his life story - and how the 1st of those recorded interviews ended up in a book called "Don't Call Me Christian."   Well, on today's program I had the privilege to speak with Paul Liberman himself, and heard him share a bit about his journey to finding Messiah.

Paul Liberman began his search for the Messiah when he was only 8 years old. This was when he began to ask deeper questions about God.

After finishing his education, his religion became making money. While studying at a liberal university, he began to doubt there was a higher Being. Shortly after landing a high-powered job in an office complex in Washington, D.C., he was let go after the person that hired him was also fired.
In this uncertainty, Paul was worried about the future. Looking for work he used public transport a lot. On the bus, he regularly saw a lawyer who was always reading his Bible. One day they got to talk with each other. Paul told him that he thought that the course of events in life sometimes is so unusual that it looks like everything has been programmed. "There must be a programmer," Paul said. The guy knew that Paul was Jewish because of his Jewish name, so the guy showed him the prophecies in the Old Testament that point towards the new state Israel. Paul was very interested in this, so on further journeys he always sat down next to him.

After reading the New Testament, Paul couldn't understand why the Jews had so little respect for Jesus. He didn't do anything other than helping people. Could He really be the Messiah, as He said Himself? Paul prayed, "If you are really God, show me if the "carpenter of Nazareth" is the Messiah."
After both Paul and his wife accepted Yeshua another problem arose. How were they to raise their family? Concerned about the unity in their family, He started to speak with other Jewish believers about the founding of a New Testament church in their own Jewish style. They were motivated and held their first gathering on May 18th, 1973. They invited a Jewish evangelist and later got a Jewish pastor for the small group.

Plus some incredible music.   I know you'll love it!

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