Saturday, December 10, 2016

Myriam Levy Chernoff Interview

Earlier this week I had the opportunity to chat with Myriam Levy Chernoff, wife of Joel Chernoff and VP of the Messianic Alliance of Mexico.   We had a great conversation and she shared her story of coming to faith in Yeshua.

Myriam was born in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico. She came from a broken family, her mother left when she and her siblings were small children. This suffering caused her to want nothing to do with God, she had no interest at all in Him.

But in 1992, when she was 21 years old, a friend of her father’s invited them to a Messianic Synagogue. Levy Chernoff says, “It was there that I knew for the first time that God loved me and that He had plans for my life, my heart was deeply touched, and I learned  about who Yeshua was and why we need a Messiah, and my life was transformed. The best thing that has happened to me is to have given my life to Yeshua!!!”

Very soon after she also understood her call to share this beautiful message with her Jewish people, and since then that has been her priority in life! In the years since that fateful visit to a Messianic Synagogue her life living in Mexico has been about sharing Yeshua with the Jewish community. After becoming a believer in 1992, she became a member of the Yeshua Ben David Messianic Synagogue in Guadalajara and she worked as a real estate agent.

After becoming a believer she became a member of the Messianic Jewish Alliance of Mexico (AJMM). Later she became a part of the leadership and has served a few times she president of the organization. Levy Chernoff currently serves the AJMM as vice president.

Since 1992 (every 3 months) Levy Chernoff has written articles for the magazine “Chalutzim," the official voice of the Messianic Jewish Alliance of Mexico, which can be read at

In 1992, she began to attend “Mashiach” (the Messiah Conference),  the National Conference of the AJMM and has never missed one since!

In 1997, she became a vice president of the International Messianic Jewish Alliance (IMJA), and is still serving at the moment as one of the vice presidents.

In 2000, she went to Israel and worked as a volunteer for a few weeks in Ebenezer Home in Haifa, which is a home for elderly people that are Messianic believers.

In 2007, she visited Argentina, and for two months she shared about Messiah every day with Jewish non-believers. I gave each of them a book from Rabbi Paul Liberman, who at that time was was the Executive Director of the IMJA. It was a wonderful experience, most of those she ministered to were very open to know about Yeshua. She is still in communication with all of them, some have since become believers!

In 2015, she married Joel Chernoff, the General Secretary of the MJAA, and she is thankful to God to be so blessed!

Today's show is full of great music by  Joel Chernoff, Zemer Levav, Jonathan Settel and Liberated Wailing Wall.

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