Sunday, July 29, 2018

Elihana Elia Interview

At this year's Messiah Conference I had the privilege to meet this sweet, talented young singer from Israel.    You will love Elihana Elia's music and our interview together very much.

Elihana Elia (Hebrew: אליחנה אליה, born August 31, 1995) is an Israeli, American and Brazilian singer, songwriter, producer and spokesperson. 
Elihana is passionate about creating inspirational music with messages of faith, hope and love for this generation. She has great passion for the God of Israel and the Tanach (Bible). She was born in the USA and lived 6 years in Brazil. As a child, Elihana listened to her mother who would sing, play the piano and compose songs, she began singing and performing from an early age.
In 2002, her older brother, who was 17 at the time, had a car accident on the way to teach Tanakh (Bible) to a youth group. Her brother loved God so much and helped so many people. This changed Elihana’s life in such a radical way and strengthened her desire to serve God, to love people and use music as a tool to comfort and give faith and hope to others.
She has released albums in English, Hebrew and Portuguese. 

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