Sunday, August 25, 2019

Rabbi Eric Tokajer - 6th time is a charm!

I never tire of speaking to the talented Rabbi Eric Tokajer!   He continues to amaze me!  Rabbi Eric is the author of the new book Galatian in Context. On this program we discussed his new book and how keeping Scripture in context not only makes it easier to understand, but it helps us to see the broader message the Bible teaches from cover to cover.

Rabbi Eric Tokajer is the Rabbi at Brit Ahm Messianic Synagogue in Pensacola, Florida. Rabbi Eric also helped to start five Messianic synagogues along the Gulf Coast from Florida to Louisiana. He also is the Publisher and Executive Director of

In addition to these two roles, he also serves as the Theology Team Facilitator for the Tree of Life Version. He is a sought after speaker for both national and international conferences and events. He has had seven books published "'Oy How did I get here' 31 things I wish someone told me before entering The ministry", "Transient Singularity". "With me in Paradise: Lesson Learned From a Criminal", "Jesus is to Christianity as Pasta is to Italians" "#ManWisdom", "God Has No Plan B" and "Galatians in Context."

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