Saturday, July 11, 2020

Donna Milgaten Interview

Shalom!  We've all heard Paul Wilbur sing "Blessed Are You," from his Jerusalem Arise CD.   But did you know it was written by Donna Milgaten?   Upon researching copyright information I stumbled upon this little known fact and discovered a very sweet and very talented lady!   In this show I feature music from the Forgiven CD - all songs written by Donna!

Raised in a Gentile home, Donna discovered the Jewish roots of her faith and fell in love with Messianic Judaism.   After hearing her group Water to Wine perform at a Jews For Jesus gathering, Moishe Rosen (J4J founder) encouraged the group to record their music and share it with the world. Later that year the trio began tracking their album Forgiven at Son Song Studios in Las Vegas.

Donna signed with Sound Oasis Productions, Paul Wilbur discovered her song "Blessed Are You," and the rest is history!!   Enjoy the music but please stay for the interview!!

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