Saturday, August 1, 2020

Stewart Winograd-3 Interview

Back by popular demand -- Rabbi Stewart Winograd!!  Rabbi Stewart was raised in a Jewish family in Brooklyn, NY. He became a believer in Yeshua in 1977. Chantal Winograd was raised in Quebec, Canada, and through a set of divinely orchestrated circumstances she met Stewart who introduced her to the Lord in 1979. They have raised 4 children, Joshua, Miriam, Sarah, David, and now have 9 grandchildren. Together they are the Founders / Directors of Reach Initiative International (RII), a Messianic Jewish Ministry doing a significant work in Eastern Europe, India, and North America.

Here is some info about their wonderful ministry:

Reach Initiative International (RII) is a Messianic Jewish ministry founded in 2006 by Stewart and Chantal Winograd. They are fulfilling a mandate from the Lord to follow Jesus’ example of sacrificial, unconditional love for all people. Reach Initiative International has over 125 staff and volunteers ministering in Israel, Belarus, India, and around the world.

Enjoy music from Jonathan Settel, Lamb, Paul Wilbur, Corry Bell & Marty Goetz (a lovely duet), Baht Rivka Whitten and Zemer Levav!

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