Saturday, May 15, 2021

Rene Annette Wallace is Back!!!

My new friend Rene has written another adorable book called "Zoe Discovers the Feast of Weeks at Pentecost."  It was great having her back on the air!

As a review, Rene is an extraordinary women.    She is an author, teacher, and "Chief Farmhand"

at Safe Haven Oasis and Messianic Fellowship, Church Ministries Coordinator

at Chosen People Ministries and Co-founder at Safe Haven International Network.

We had a delightful conversation and not only will you hear her story, you will hear some great Shavuot music!

Get her book now at: Zoe Discovers the Feast of Weeks at Pentecost: Shavuot for Kids Book: Understanding Pentecost for Kids (Understanding Jewish Holidays for Christian Children) (9798745971853): Wallace, Rene Annette, Kasdan, Barney: Books 

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