Saturday, June 12, 2021

Shimrit Hanes-Zemer Levav

You are in for such a treat!   Today's show features the music of Zemer Levav and an interview with Shimrit Hanes.   She sings beautifully and plays the harp too!   Also she just wrote her first book, The Dreamers, the Terra Colony Project Book 1.

Shimrit is a songwriter/vocalist/harpist and never intended to become an author. A home school mom of five, her three adult daughters challenged each other to write a book in a month. Desiring to be helpful, she read “No Plot, No Problem” by Chris Baty aloud to her busy middle daughter while she worked. Suddenly an incredible story idea came to mind. Now she had a plot, and a problem. This was her girls thing! MOM!
At the end of the month she and one other daughter had their manuscripts finished. After three years of re-writes and fine tuning, Shimrit had a finished book, and outlines for a second and third! Thus “The Terra Colony Project” series was born.


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