Saturday, April 2, 2022

Mitch Forman Interview

I had heard of Mitch Forman many years ago, but I guess the timing wasn't right.   So happy to finally connect with him and hear his story.

Mitch was raised in a traditional Reform Jewish home near Boston. After graduating from high school, he went to the University of Massachusetts and focused all his attention on a culinary career. Mitch worked at some of the finest hotels in Boston, achieving his goal of cooking with the best chefs in the world. In 1982 Mitch moved to San Francisco and started working at some of the top restaurants on the west coast as well.

However, as a result of his wild lifestyle, he could no longer keep up with the high demands and pressure of cooking at the top and was fired from his job. While lying on his couch one day, he realized that his life was a wreck and prayed to God for the first time in years. The next day, he quit smoking and drinking. As Mitch began to trust God for the first time in his life, he talked with a Christian co-worker about the Bible and Jesus and finally began to grasp the Gospel message.

Mitch invited Jesus into his life in 1987. Afterward, Mitch became involved with Jewish missions and served 12 years in the field both in San Francisco and New York City. In 2002, Mitch and his family moved back to Boston to help in a family business. They started to attend Grace Chapel and Mitch became involved in the adult discipleship team where he taught classes focusing on the Jewish background of the Scriptures. He was also involved in the founding and leadership of Beth Yeshua Messianic Congregation in Newton, which is the heart of Boston’s Jewish community.

Today Mitch is back in full-time ministry as VP of US Ministries for Chosen People, the oldest Jewish mission in the United States. Mitch is based in Boston but oversees all recruitment, training, mentoring and leadership of the entire US-based missionary staff. Mitch is married to Kina, a second-generation Jewish believer, and they have two daughters Kaelee and Alana and a son Joshua.

Enjoy some great music too!

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