Saturday, April 22, 2023

Karol Joseph Returns

I first met Karol Joseph in the 1990s when we lived in the NYC area.   She is a sweet, loving woman and I am was so excited to have her on with me again today.

Karol was born to Jewish parents in the Boston, Massachusetts area. In the years following her Bat Mitzvah, she was Jewish culturally only.  She had many fears, anxieties, and also battled an eating disorder. While working on her PhD, a fellow student shared Isaiah 53 with her, and she was intrigued. Eventually, she contacted Jews for Jesus (J4J), and begin seriously considering the Jewishness of Jesus. She became a believer in her Jewish Messiah, and later joined J4J and has worked for them ever since, bringing the good news to her fellow Jewish people.  Karol lived in the New York City area for many years, and now resides in Florida.  

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