Saturday, December 7, 2019

Shirley Lawrenson Interview

Have you ever known someone Jewish who wants to make Aliyah and go to Israel?   Shirley and I had a wonderful discussion about Operation Exodus and how they help make that happen!   Plus you'll enjoy great music from Jonathan Settel, Aaron Shust, Joshua Aaron, Baht Rivka Whitten, and Lamb.  

Shirley was born and raised in South Africa although now she serves as the NYC Aliyah Director for Operation Exodus USA. She has a long history of serving having been with Ebenezer Operation Exodus for 25 years. Shirley spent 10 years in the Ukraine leading chartered ships to assist Jewish People to go home to Eretz Israel. During that. time she participated in 123 Sailings from Odessa, Ukraine to Haifa, Israel – from 1995 until 2004. She then spent 10 years living in Jerusalem.  Where in 2006 she opened an office in Jerusalem. Her goal was to assist with the Klitah (Absorption of all Olim who make Aliyah). In 2016, she moved to NYC where they opened an Office in Brooklyn to assist Jewish People who need their help from the USA to make Aliyah.

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