Saturday, April 24, 2021

Eli and Vanessa Ben-Moshe

If you've been around the Messianic movement for awhile, then you remember the early days with the music group Israel's Hope.  Marc Chopinsky was a founding member of that group and has gone to his eternal rest.   His son Eli has picked up the torch and produces wonderful Israeli worship music through the Ashira Project.  I had a great interview with Eli and his wife Vanessa and this program features some of the music from Ashira.   

Eli is a worship leader and messianic music producer. In 2015 he founded ASHIRA, a worship project that produces Israeli messianic music for local, Israeli artists. He also serves as worship leader at Ohalei Rahamim congregation in Kiryat Yam.
Eli is the son of the late Marc Chopinsky and Leah Chopinsky. He is married to Vanessa and has four beautiful children. Eli, his wife & children and his mother live in the Krayot, northern Israel.

For access to Ashira:

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