Saturday, March 12, 2022

Susan Gibboney Interview

Shalom!  Today you'll hear a fun interview with Susan Gibboney.   Here's her story in her own words:

"I hale from Montreal Quebec Canada and I got here to Orange, a city in California, when I was 18 years old. Due to some very bad choices, I did end up being incarcerated for a short time, for sales of Illegal drugs but that had nothing to do with how much love and attention and encouragement that I got from my parents and my family. It was just that I did have to leave all my friends when I was 18 which was very hard, and settle in Orange County in 68 which was the beginning of drug culture at this time.

I was raised Catholic, private Catholic boarding schools with the nuns, since my mom wanted me to get a good education, and I did finally find Yeshua, my Lord and Savior in 1974 at Calvary Chapel in Costa Mesa with Chuck Smith and Romaine and Greg Laurie. I did have to go through a very hard divorce when I was 29 after being married for six years, since my first husband did cheat on me with a secretary, but the gist of all that is that I have two beautiful sons and they are 44 and 46, and I have six beautiful grandchildren,  one girl and five boys, and after I met my current husband Les, in 1982, At that time my boys were three and five And we did marry when they were five and seven, and then of course my current husband and I had my daughter, who is 36 years old, now. And history repeating itself in that she just married somebody who has two beautiful children,boys, that she shares with him, and they are 11 and eight. 

I  had discovered  that I was not receiving everything from God that he wanted me to have, and I became Messianic about 20 years ago through my church Shiloh Messianic Congregation in Crestline.  As I had earlier stated,
after Calvary, where  I was saved, I became part of the Vineyard Church in Anaheim - for a time. And then Shiloh Messianic 20 years ago, when  our church made a big change from Vineyard and Calvary. 
And the Blessed and the fun part of that , is it’s my sister and her husband that are the pastors - 
Pastor Bruce and Pastor Kathleen Dowell. 

We are part of the one new man, the Jew and the gentile grafted in, and our congregation is in Redlands , California at the Church on the Hill , in case anybody wants to come visit on Shabbat."



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