Saturday, August 6, 2022

Mark Posner Interview

A mutual friend connected me to Mark Posner and I really enjoyed hearing his testimony.  In his own words:  

"Born in Albany, NY, I was brought up in a somewhat religious conservative Jewish home. We were members of a conservative synagogue where my parents were very active. My sister and I went to the Hebrew Academy of the Capital District (HACD) aka Bet Shraga. I went through 7th grade before transferring to the public schools. Albany had/has a large Jewish population as many Jews from the NYC area moved up there to work for the state - as was the case for my dad. My graduating class was approximately 10% Jewish. A large % considering the % of Jews in the world. Because of a sign from God- I married a Catholic girl. My folks were very against it at first but came around. On her death bed, my mom told me - 'thank god for Mary Lou, otherwise I don’t know what would have become of you.' She also made me promise not to convert. While I will be going to be immersed in a few weeks - I don’t feel like I’m converting. I’m adding I have been married for almost 39 yrs now. We have two married sons going on ages 33 and 31. No grandchildren yet. I am semi retired and my wife is retiring soon.  

We like travel and hiking. And beaches! We like shell collecting and I have recently started to get into shell art." 

Enjoy some cool music too!

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