Saturday, August 27, 2022

Jonathan Goldberg Interview

It was great meeting Jonathan over the phone.  He has a very interesting story.   Here's a little background:

Jonathan grew up in a Messianic Jewish home. But he made his own choice to follow Yeshua. One evening, while on a pre-army trip with a friend in 1981 – Jonathan was curious to know: If there was a God, why the world was in such a mess? The answer, when it came was quiet and simple… As he sincerely internalized his guilt in the mess, he was overwhelmed by the understanding that the great Creator-of-the-universe loves him wants him and KNOWS him – And so, that night, he gave his Maker EVERYTHING – whoever he thought he was; art, sports – EVERYTHING – he gave Him the “keys” to his life. He put his faith in Yeshua and handed his life over to Him, as his Master. He was AMAZINGLY transformed!

Jonathan and Faith Goldberg serve in Haifa Israel. 

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