Saturday, September 3, 2022

Granville Payne Interview

I met a new friend over Facebook.  Granville Payne is the real deal.  He loves Yeshua, the living Torah.

Granville started studying G-D on his own in December of 2007. He got serious about living out Messianic Judaism around August of 2021. G-D blessed him with Chron's Disease in 2009, a bad knee injury that took him out of commercial truck driving in 2014, and a serious car accident in 2019. The miracles started happening around September 2021 and they involve his physical problems. He has absolutely no doubt that Yeshua, who he affectionately knows as Living Torah, has revealed Himself to him through many miracles. Granvilles want people to be aware of his story to show that through Yeshua, a person can have a fulfilling life by doing the mitzvots of Living Torah and His written Torah.

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