Saturday, April 27, 2019

Daniah Greenberg-2

My cup runneth over!   Daniah trained me to be a worship leader and is an incredibly talented lady.   So happy to have her here in town!!!

Daniah is the President of the Tree of Life Bible Society and author of the brand new book Simply Sacred.

Daniah, a wayward catholic with Jewish ancestry, came to faith after a single visit to a Baptist Church while in college. She graduated with a degree in Communications and married a “nice Jewish boy” named Mark Greenberg in 1989. 

After 14 years in congregational ministry, the need for a “Messianic Family Bible” for the next generation of Jewish believers was made incredibly apparent. She took up the charge and effectively gathered leaders from throughout the national Messianic Jewish and Christian community to birth a brand new translation of the Bible: the Tree of Life Version (TLV). 

She now leads a diverse team of 70 professionals representing Messianic ministries nationwide and affiliates in Israel to maintain the text. She is also the spokesperson and chief fundraiser for the Tree of Life Bible Society, whose mission is to see God’s Kingdom grow through the unique Hebraic perspective God has given them. Daniah is a spark plug for community activism and energizes catalytic change wherever she goes. She and her husband, Rabbi Mark lead Congregation Shalom Rome in Rome, GA and have been married for 28 years. 

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