Saturday, September 18, 2021

Sam Nadler Interview

I had the privilege of speaking with Sam Nadler a few months ago and just now aired our interview together.   What an interesting man!  

Sam Nadler is founder and president of Word of Messiah Ministries. In his forty years of Messianic ministry, Sam has focused on raising leaders who plant Messianic congregations and make disciples. Sam mentors Messianic leaders around the world and is recognized as a congregation planter, teacher, and leaders’ coach. Sam has conducted numerous Messianic congregation planting and leadership conferences throughout North and South America, Israel, and Europe. To equip the Messianic community and the greater Body of Messiah in their calling to make Messianic disciples, Sam has written multiple books on Messianic congregation planting, discipleship, outreach, and the Feasts of Israel.

Enjoy wonderful music from Marty Goetz, Elana Watson, Ted Pearce,  Joshua Aaron, Steve McConnell, Nancy Santiago and more!

Saturday, September 11, 2021

Suzy Linett Again!

What a joy to speak with the amazing Suzy Linett again!   Here's some info about our gal Suzy:

 Suzy Linett was born into a Jewish family and attended local synagogues as she pursued her education and obtained a degree in occupational therapy from the University of Southern California.  She continues to work in that field providing services for children with special needs.  Through evangelical friends, she accepted her Messiah and Lord in 1981. 

Ms. Linett pursued her Bible education in her local church and through online studies.  She became an active member of a Messianic Jewish Synagogue in 1994 and was involved in leadership and teaching until that congregation dissolved.  In 2009, she joined Calvary Faith Center Foursquare Church in Rancho Cucamonga, CA, obtaining her ministerial license in 2012 and ordination in 2014. 

Currently, she serves on staff as a teacher at that church and is also is the leader of Kehilat Emunah, a Messianic ministry designed to bring Jewish and Gentile believers together in understanding of the whole Word of GOD.  Ms. Linett is the author of Mattityahu-Gift from God, a study of the Gospel of Matthew from a Hebraic perspective, and God is in the Waiting, a devotional about seeking the Lord’s guidance during times of difficulty.  She a speaker at churches and Messianic Synagogues.

Today we will discuss her new book, “Unity of the Faith, Finding Harmony between Jewish and Gentile Believers by Examining Eight Key Topics.

Saturday, September 4, 2021

Michelle Shelfer Interview

A friend handed me a book and said "I think you'll like this!"  It was "Prepare a Room," by Michelle Shelfer.  My friend was right, I thoroughly enjoyed the book!  

Prepare a Room: A Path to Peace and Healing for Those Hurt by Abortion: Michelle Shelfer: 9781946497956: Books

Michelle Shelfer lives with her husband of thirty-eight years in Northern California and loves to tend to her six chickens and eleven grandchildren. She provides musical leadership at her place of worship and is currently managing editor at Nordskog Publishing Inc.

Michelle was raised in a secular Jewish family in San Francisco. She was the child of bohemian artist parents, one of whom escaped the Holocaust. Michelle studied the arts, gaining a Masters degree in Motion Picture Animation from UCLA and going on to work in the field of educational software. She has produced award-winning, internationally screened animations and has released four musical recordings of her original compositions.

Michelle seeks to see the many men and women hurt by abortion healed and restored. She brings her own personal experience with abortion—with compassion, insight, and practical guidance—in the hopes that those who have been hurt will find relief and new life.

Enjoy her story and some fantastic music!

Sunday, August 29, 2021

Jessica Hultquist Interview

This delightful young lady loves Yeshua and is a talented artist.  It was a privilege to talk with her and learn how she became involved in Messianic Judaism.

In her own words:

Hi! My name is Jessica Hultquist, and I am from Mobile, Alabama. I currently work as a Graduate Assistant and a PhD student in Instructional Design and Development at the University of South Alabama. I enjoy creating art pieces, especially with oil pastels and acrylic paint. When God gives me a dream or a vision, the strokes from my brush/pastels flow from my hands to the paper/canvas. In my spare time, I enjoy dancing at synagogue and operating the screens for the tech crew at church. You can find me on Facebook at Jessica Hultquist and on Instagram at jessicahultquistart. 


Saturday, August 21, 2021

Scott Sekulow Interview (originally aired 1999)

What a privilege to find this in the archives.   Rabbi Scott lost a battle with Covid and is now in the arms of Yeshua.   Here is a post from his obituary:

Rabbi Scott Sekulow of Chicago, Illinois, a Sr Rabbi at Congregation Beth Adonai has passed away August 12, 2021, he studied at Beulah Heights University after he went to Woodward Academy and Mercer University Atlanta.

Rabbi Scott’s wife, Judy Burnham Sekulow had recently stated on her Facebook post that her husband was hospitalized due to covid pneumonia.

Rabbi Scott Sekulow will be dearly missed by family and the Beth Adonai community. Our thoughts are with everyone who knew him.

”…… great sadness I wanted to let our community know of the departure of the Tzaddik from the world. Rabbi Scott Sekulow, a true son of Israel. Prayers for comfort for our the family. Thank you. We remember his beloved wife Judy Burnham Sekulow and his beloved daughter Natalie Sekulow . Please lift the entire family in prayer in this difficult moment. The Rabbi served over Beth Adonai Synagogue in Atlanta, and was truly a giant in the early days of Messianic Judaism. Rabbi Scott was a true lover of the G-D of Israel, the people of Israel, and his giant heart surely continue to work in the heavens. He served on several boards including on Ahavat Ammi International board. I will miss him so much as he is one of the few people in ministry that I can close true soul friends….”

Remember to keep his family in your prayers.

Saturday, August 14, 2021

Daniel Nessim Interview

Shalom!  Today I aired a pre-recorded interview with Congregational Leader Daniel Nessim.  Here are some interesting facts about Daniel:

Dr. Daniel Nessim is the son of Jewish parents who also believe in Jesus. His mother is a survivor of the holocaust, having been being hidden in Berlin throughout the Second World War. His father was from a Jewish family from Baghdad and Cairo. A few years after his arrival in England in the 1950’s, Daniel’s father became the first in his family to believe in Yeshua. Daniel has thus had a privilege rarely accorded to Jewish believers in Yeshua, having a heritage of faith in his own family. Thus at the age of seven, Daniel already knew that Yeshua was his Messiah and Lord, and made a decision to accept Him as his Savior.

After the family moved to Vancouver, Canada, where Daniel’s father led a mission to the Jewish people, Daniel eventually began a career in the engineering field. Before long however, he studied for a Bachelor’s in Theology from Northwest Baptist Bible College, and then went to Regent College for a Master of Arts in Christian Studies. It was shortly after this that Daniel joined Chosen People Ministries, working out of Seattle, WA. After a few years, Daniel and his wife went to England with their son, where they established the United Kingdom branch of Chosen People Ministries. They also planted a Messianic Jewish congregation in the heart of England’s Jewish community. Dr. Nessim holds a Ph.D. in Theology and Religion from the University of Exeter (England), having focused his studies on the life of the earliest believers and their beliefs. He is the co-author of Introducing Your Jewish Friend to Yeshua, and has also written Derech Yeshua: The Way of Salvation, as well as a Messianic Jewish prayer book.

Daniel is passionately committed to seeing other Jewish people come to accept the Messiahship of Jesus. He believes that there is a great need to “put shoe leather” on the fact that Jewish people can believe in Yeshua and still be Jews. Thus he maintains his own Jewish Lifestyle as a personal commitment while encouraging other Jewish people to accept their Messiah.

Daniel Nessim is a skilled communicator who has spoken extensively in Canada, the United Kingdom, the United States, and Israel. He is now serving among the Jewish people of Washington State and Vancouver, B.C. and teaching in the Messianic Jewish movement. He is available for speaking engagements and interviews particularly on topics dealing with the Jewish roots of the Christian faith, and their relevance to believers in Jesus today.

Enjoy great music too!!!


Saturday, August 7, 2021

A Tribute to Claude Painter

My friend Claude Painter just graduated to heaven.   Our loss is heaven's gain.   Claude was a mighty man of God, a perfect example of Messiah to everyone who knew him.   He will be missed greatly!   His sense of humor, his warmth and encouragement will never be forgotten.  He and his wife Esther were huge encouragers to me as I began broadcasting.   They tirelessly copied and labeled many of my early shows and there are boxes of tapes in my basement to prove it!

He loved to sing, had a big booming voice and was gifted in so many ways.   Today's program is my dedication, my tribute to my dear friend Claude.   I hope it blesses you!