Sunday, July 6, 2014

Donita & Joshua Manning - Waiting for the Right One

How do you know when it's the right one?   Donita and Joshua waited a long time for their prayers to be answered.   This sweet newly-wed couple shared some encouragement on today's show.

Donita's story:

After 20 years traveling the globe pursuing a higher education, mastering the craft of the written word, and bringing the Good News of Messiah to the Jewish community, Donita settled in Jacksonville, Florida three years ago for a final adventure — hoping she might find that special someone who could keep up with her. A year later, she met Joshua, who invited her to study prophecy. They jumped into ballroom dancing lessons with both feet. He fixed her computer, her car and supper. She soon found herself struggling to keep up with him — legs screaming and lungs burning — while he lightly jogged ahead of her yelling, "C'mon! Just another half mile!" Regardless, Donita decided she had found the man with whom to take the land of Jacksonville and beyond.

Joshua's story:

Joshua grew up in a Christian home and chose to rebel against God when he was 11 years old. His rebellion turned into a 23-year drug addiction that would create a child out of wedlock, a failed marriage and many lost relationships. The week after he got divorced, a friend of his called him to say hello. He told him how he found Jesus and that he should come back to Jacksonville and get his life back together. In 2007, Joshua gave his addiction to God. It took two years for everything to fall into place, and over time, he has felt closer and closer to Him. In 2012, he proclaimed to God that he would walk the earth alone if that is what He wanted. Three months later he was ballroom dancing with his best friend and now wife. Joshua says, "I never did anything to deserve one ounce of forgiveness and ended up getting my heart's desire."

You'll enjoy some great music too (Marty Goetz, Misha Goetz, Sue Samuel, and Ted Pearce).