Saturday, June 18, 2022

Gail (Gilah) Nelson Azzam Interview

Today's show was very special to me.  I have fond memories of fellowshipping with the Nelson family when we lived in NYC.  Gail's parents, Carole and Roger,  were the leaders of Beth Tefilah, our congregation in Queens.   Today I shared music written by Carole and performed by the whole family.  I only recently had the cassette tapes converted to mp3s so it was exciting to once again hear their songs.  I hope you enjoy this little trip down memory lane   Great interview with Gail as well!!

As a young child Gail and her brother Israel sang with their parents on a few musical projects, "The Family," and the "Ten Commandments," some of which were featured on the show today.  Music was a big part of their family life.   The Nelson family traveled across the country ministering in music.

At the age of 10 Gilah made a profession of faith but the real decision to follow Yeshua came when she was 19 years old.

She met her Christian Arabic husband at Galtronics, a company of believers in Israel.  After being a stay at home Mom for 16 years, Gilah decided to go back to work.  She had various jobs but ended up working for Nazareth Village.  They recreate what Nazareth looked like in the time of Yeshua.   She is the Assistant Manager and does guided tours and invites anyone coming to Israel to come and visit!

Saturday, June 11, 2022

Kenneth Berg Interview

What a fun interview with Kenneth Berg!  Kenneth has traveled extensively throughout the Holy Land and the Middle East for over three decades producing award-winning television programs based on the Bible.

Ken was raised as a minister’s son in New York City. After serving in the motion picture division of the US Army, he moved to California, where he worked in Hollywood for a Christian advertising agency.

His is the founder of Berg Productions, Inc. which produces such programs as “Zola Levitt Presents” and “The Nazareth Jesus Knew,” which can be seen on one or more of the national Christian networks. 

Kenneth has been to Israel 73 times.

Saturday, June 4, 2022

Brian and Sue Samuel

I am so very happy to share this fun interview with you!   Rabbi Brian and Rebbetzin (Rabbi's wife) Sue have been on Bagels and Blessings a few times now.   We are happy to host them tomorrow, June 5 for our Shavuot Service as well.

Sue and Brian are blessed to travel around the world, visiting congregations and sharing G-d's message of hope and healing for all of His children. They visit all congregations, both large and small, knowing that they sing to an audience of One.   

They have produced several CDs, including Promises", "Songs ...From The Secret Place," "Home Away From Home",  and their newest album, "Revive.”

Brian and Sue are currently serving as Rabbi and Rebbetzin of congregation Mishkahn David in Rhode Island.

Saturday, May 28, 2022

Rabbi Mark Rantz

Today I chatted with Rabbi Mark Rantz.  I sure enjoyed hearing his story!  Rabbi Mark is the leader of Beit Hallel Messianic Congregation | Tikkun Ambassador to Presbyterian Reformed Ministries International (PRMI) | Author | Lead Contributor and Assistant Sr. Senior for the Complete Jewish Study Bible | Senior Editor - Tikkun Restore Magazine.

As a leading Holocaust Scholar and leader with the March of Remembrance, Rabbi Rantz is presently also developing his Masters Thesis on "The Complicity of the German Church and the Nazi Holocaust" into book form and has recently written a book about the Black Lives Matter movement. 

Enjoy some great music too!!

Saturday, May 21, 2022

Elyse Burkhalter-2

I met Elyse a very long time ago when I visited family in Hawaii.  I was looking to connect with other Messianic believers and got her contact info.   We have stayed in touch over the years.  I first interviewed her at the Messiah Conference maybe 10 years ago, so this is a nice refresher!

You will love her story and of course the great music too!  Here's a little more about Elyse:

Elyse grew up in the 1950s and 1960s in New York City.  Her Jewish parents were secular and didn’t raise her in the faith.  When she was in college, she started searching for meaning in life and truth. She came to the Lord Yeshua as a hippie during The Jesus Revolution.  As she grew in The Lord, she started to appreciate how significant the Judaic roots are to Christianity.  She now strongly identifies with her Jewish roots as a Messianic Jew.  Elyse lives in Hawaii and is a very talented artist.   Find her art projects here:

(1) Elisheva Inspired Art | Facebook

Saturday, May 14, 2022

Rabbi Adrian Bernal Interview

Today’s delightful interview was with Rabbi Adrian Bernal. 

Dr. Adrian Bernal is a Sephardic Jewish believer. He holds a Bachelor of Biblical Studies with a major in Biblical linguistics,  a Master's of Theological Studies with a major in Biblical Counseling and minor in Jewish Studies, and a Doctor of Ministry with a major in Jewish Studies. Over the past 29 years he has led congregations in Hawaii, Wyoming, Idaho, and Alaska. He has been involved with the Messianic Movement since 1987 and has a passion for the lost. He enjoys teaching the Jewish Roots of the faith to the Church. He has also developed curriculum for the class and is currently writing commentaries on 1 and 2 Timothy. He is the senior rabbi for Beth Yeshua Messianic Synagogue in Coral Springs, Florida. In his spare time he is a golf teaching professional with the United States Golf Teachers Federation and was ranked the top 100 golf teaching professionals for the 2020/2021 season. He enjoys spending time fishing and kayaking with his wife and they make their home in Margate, FL.

Saturday, May 7, 2022

Brett Weiner Interview

I was once a Weiner too -- back in the early days LOL.   I met Brett over Facebook and he agreed to share his faith journey on Bagels and Blessings.  You'll enjoy some music honoring Yom Hashoah (Day of Remembrance) and the Israeli Independence Day too.   Lots of great music.  And here's a little bit about Brett:

Brett was raised Christian, but his grandparents were Orthodox Jews. When Brett was in his twenties, the Psalms and the prayer book pronouns became personal to him.  He was told that Abraham would have descendants that would be as numerous as the stars in heaven, and the sands on the seashore and that he could be one of them. He just needed to accept his seed which was one in the Messiah. He loves celebrating the Jewish holidays, especially the Feast of Tabernacles. 

Brett and his wife reside in West Springfield Massachusetts and have two adult sons who walk with the Lord.

Saturday, April 30, 2022

Rene Annette Wallace-3

Rene Wallace returns to Bagels and Blessings to share how she is dealing with grief.  She became a widow 6 months ago. 

Rene is an extraordinary women.    She is an author, teacher, and "Chief Farmhand" at Safe Haven Oasis and Messianic Fellowship, Former Church Ministries Coordinator at Chosen People Ministries and Co-founder at Safe Haven International Network.  Rene wrote a series of books about a little girl named Zoe who discovers the Jewish holidays. 

Today's program will be an encouragement to anyone mourning the loss of a loved one.   

Saturday, April 23, 2022

Melanie Webster Interview

I have known Melanie for a few years, and we finally got a chance to do a phone interview.   At 23 years old, a Jewish friend showed her only from the Tenach that Jesus, Yeshua, was the Promised Messiah of Israel and the Savior of the world. Melanie moved to Israel 6 years ago with her husband. They are both believers in Yeshua. Melanie has been walking with the Lord for over 40 years!

Enjoy some new music from Sue Samuel too!

Saturday, April 16, 2022

Noam Cohen Interview

I interviewed Deborah Cohen a few months back, and then I had the pleasure of speaking with her wonderful husband Noam.

Noam is a Sabra, meaning he was born in Israel (Jerusalem). He was raised in the digs of the desert with his father, who was a renowned archaeologist in Israel, and he served in the IDF (Israeli Defense Forces) as a tank commander in the first Lebanon war. After living in Japan for over 20 years, he returned to Israel, where he found Yeshua, his Messiah. For the last 15 years, he has been speaking, teaching, writing, and ministering to the body of Messiah and to the Jewish people. He and his wife, Deborah, live in the Galilee region in Israel and have a ministry called Declaring Zion International. 

Special Passover music too!!

Be sure to read his book "The Ninja and the Pastor!"

The Ninja and The Pastor - Kindle edition by Cohen, Deborah, Cohen, Noam. Religion & Spirituality Kindle eBooks @

Saturday, April 9, 2022

Rabbi Aaron Allsbrook Interview

Never fear - the Messianic Matchmaker is here!  Today I aired my interview with Rabbi Aaron Allsbrook.  He shared his faith journey with me and I know you'll love it!

Plus some great music too!  Here's more about Rabbi Aaron:

Born and raised in Southern California, Rabbi Aaron Allsbrook has known Yeshua his whole life.  He shared about Yeshua to his Jewish and non-Jewish friends in high school.  At the end of high school Rabbi Aaron began to feel that there was more to his Jewishness than just Passover and Hanukkah at his grandparents.

At this time he made his first visit to a messianic synagogue in Philadelphia, his first trip to Israel, and then his first visit to an Orthodox synagogue.  God certainly was moving in his life, revealing to him that his Jewishness was something central to his identity.  He went so far as to begin to live like an Orthodox Jew, including getting Orthodox rabbinic ordination.

Not longer after that Rabbi Aaron knew there was something missing, something more.  While the traditions were great, he craved for more of the Spirit of God and the love of Yeshua.  He left the Orthodox world, and began to seek a way of living an authentic Jewish life under the leading of the Spirit.

His travels brought him to Israel, where he lived for four years, and then to New York, where he met his beautiful wife, Brooke, with whom he has three children.  It was in New York that he was a special education teacher and an assistant rabbi at a Messianic synagogue on Long Island.  After several years of serving in this capacity, he wanted to pursue being a full-time Messianic rabbi, which is what led him to Ohev Yisrael.

He desires to see Jewish people come to know Yeshua, their Messiah, and live their life in service of our Master as Jews full of the Spirit of God. 

For more info about the Messianic Matchmaker:

The Messianic Matchmaker

Saturday, April 2, 2022

Mitch Forman Interview

I had heard of Mitch Forman many years ago, but I guess the timing wasn't right.   So happy to finally connect with him and hear his story.

Mitch was raised in a traditional Reform Jewish home near Boston. After graduating from high school, he went to the University of Massachusetts and focused all his attention on a culinary career. Mitch worked at some of the finest hotels in Boston, achieving his goal of cooking with the best chefs in the world. In 1982 Mitch moved to San Francisco and started working at some of the top restaurants on the west coast as well.

However, as a result of his wild lifestyle, he could no longer keep up with the high demands and pressure of cooking at the top and was fired from his job. While lying on his couch one day, he realized that his life was a wreck and prayed to God for the first time in years. The next day, he quit smoking and drinking. As Mitch began to trust God for the first time in his life, he talked with a Christian co-worker about the Bible and Jesus and finally began to grasp the Gospel message.

Mitch invited Jesus into his life in 1987. Afterward, Mitch became involved with Jewish missions and served 12 years in the field both in San Francisco and New York City. In 2002, Mitch and his family moved back to Boston to help in a family business. They started to attend Grace Chapel and Mitch became involved in the adult discipleship team where he taught classes focusing on the Jewish background of the Scriptures. He was also involved in the founding and leadership of Beth Yeshua Messianic Congregation in Newton, which is the heart of Boston’s Jewish community.

Today Mitch is back in full-time ministry as VP of US Ministries for Chosen People, the oldest Jewish mission in the United States. Mitch is based in Boston but oversees all recruitment, training, mentoring and leadership of the entire US-based missionary staff. Mitch is married to Kina, a second-generation Jewish believer, and they have two daughters Kaelee and Alana and a son Joshua.

Enjoy some great music too!

Saturday, March 26, 2022

Jason Rose Interview

It's all in the family!  A few weeks ago, I aired my interview with Tov Rose and now today I shared an interview with his brother Jason!   Here's some info about Jason:

Jason Rose is the Director of our Greater Tel Aviv Messianic Center. He lives and serves the Lord in Tel Aviv, Israel along with his wife Janice and their five boys. Jason grew up in a Jewish home in Minnesota and became a believer when he was 15 years old through the strong testimony of a family member. Jason served in the U.S. Navy for four years and then went on to receive two degrees: a BA in Jewish Studies from Moody Bible Institute in Chicago (2002) and a Masters Degree in English Language Teaching and Learning (2006) from Liverpool University, England (Tel Aviv campus). In 2002, Jason moved to Israel and began his Masters degree program. He served in a local congregation in many capacities. Due to his strong desire to share the Gospel, in 2005, with the help of many friends, Jason created an outreach called the Gospel Cafe. It was a weekly event with live music, free lattes, and an elegant atmosphere.

In March of 2009, Jason became a full-time staff member with Chosen People Ministries. At that time the Gospel Cafe became a ministry of Chosen People Ministries. Since 2009 dozens of Jewish people have come to know the Lord through our coffee shop outreach. His ministry focuses on outreach, discipleship and education. The vision of Greater Tel Aviv Messianic Center is to provide much needed educational information to the public through classes and courses taught by believers who are professionals in those fields. These environments eliminate some of the cultural barriers to the Gospel and allow us to demonstrate that Jewish believers in Yeshua (Jesus) are actually normal people. Jason is also working with other local Israelis to open a Messianic / Christian school in the Tel Aviv area. Jason and Janice both have a passion for discipling young people and love ministering as a couple. The excellent behavior and good manners of their children have opened many doors to share about Messiah Yeshua (Jesus). As a missionary family they are blessed and honored to serve the Lord among God’s Chosen People in Israel.

Enjoy the music and the interview and Shabbat Shalom!


Saturday, March 19, 2022

Cookie Berman Interview

You may ask, "How does she find new people to interview?"   Well, I'm glad you asked!  Sometimes I find them on Facebook, other times through a recommendation.   And occasionally someone contacts me and asks to be on the program!

I found Cookie Berman through a mutual contact on Facebook.   She is delightful and I know you'll enjoy our interview together.   Here is her story:

In the late 80’s I remember telling my mother I was planning to get baptized and she responded “before you do that, I want you to find a nice young Rabbi and tell him that I did a bad job of bringing you up as a good Jewish girl.” (Jewish Guilt 101.) It was a difficult journey but this is how my life went from growing up as a Jewish girl and finally finding my redeemer, Yeshua HaMashiach! Baruch HaShem!

Saturday, March 12, 2022

Susan Gibboney Interview

Shalom!  Today you'll hear a fun interview with Susan Gibboney.   Here's her story in her own words:

"I hale from Montreal Quebec Canada and I got here to Orange, a city in California, when I was 18 years old. Due to some very bad choices, I did end up being incarcerated for a short time, for sales of Illegal drugs but that had nothing to do with how much love and attention and encouragement that I got from my parents and my family. It was just that I did have to leave all my friends when I was 18 which was very hard, and settle in Orange County in 68 which was the beginning of drug culture at this time.

I was raised Catholic, private Catholic boarding schools with the nuns, since my mom wanted me to get a good education, and I did finally find Yeshua, my Lord and Savior in 1974 at Calvary Chapel in Costa Mesa with Chuck Smith and Romaine and Greg Laurie. I did have to go through a very hard divorce when I was 29 after being married for six years, since my first husband did cheat on me with a secretary, but the gist of all that is that I have two beautiful sons and they are 44 and 46, and I have six beautiful grandchildren,  one girl and five boys, and after I met my current husband Les, in 1982, At that time my boys were three and five And we did marry when they were five and seven, and then of course my current husband and I had my daughter, who is 36 years old, now. And history repeating itself in that she just married somebody who has two beautiful children,boys, that she shares with him, and they are 11 and eight. 

I  had discovered  that I was not receiving everything from God that he wanted me to have, and I became Messianic about 20 years ago through my church Shiloh Messianic Congregation in Crestline.  As I had earlier stated,
after Calvary, where  I was saved, I became part of the Vineyard Church in Anaheim - for a time. And then Shiloh Messianic 20 years ago, when  our church made a big change from Vineyard and Calvary. 
And the Blessed and the fun part of that , is it’s my sister and her husband that are the pastors - 
Pastor Bruce and Pastor Kathleen Dowell. 

We are part of the one new man, the Jew and the gentile grafted in, and our congregation is in Redlands , California at the Church on the Hill , in case anybody wants to come visit on Shabbat."



Saturday, March 5, 2022

Tov Rose Interview2

Several years ago, I met Tov Rose at the Messiah Conference and had a brief interview with him.   Well, the years flew by, and we had another opportunity to chat recently.   This was a very enjoyable interview with lots of banter and laughter.   I know you'll love it - and the music too of course!

Tov and his parents came to faith in 1973 through the witness of several Christian families, making Tov a second-generation Jewish believer in Jesus.  He is the author of several books including, The Book of GOD: For Men, The New Messianic Version Bible, The Baptism of Jesus from a Jewish Perspective, Jesus in the Jewish Wedding, and more.

Tov has served as a Pastor, Speaker, Entrepreneur & Leadership Consultant, Television Producer, professional singer, Christian Radio Host, Bible teacher, Corporate Chaplain, and, Mission. He and Michelle are currently on staff with the International House of Prayer in Kansas City, where their older teen kids are blossoming!

Tov holds a BA in Public & Media Relations; a Masters in Marketing Management, is working on a Masters in Biblical Research with the Institute of New Testament Midrashic Studies, and plans on completing his PhD in New Testament Midrashic Studies. He has, additionally, completed training in Pastoral Ministry, Ethnic & Multicultural Ministries and Missions, Biblical Languages, Pastoral Counseling, the Spiritual Roots of Disease, and Entrepreneurship. His hobbies include SciFi, singing, archaeology, anthropology, and physics.

Tov is currently involved with helping tribal peoples fulfil their Romans 11:11 end times calling, and gathering resources and building partnerships to bring a “Targum-Inspired” Old Testament to 100 Tribal peoples over the next the next 3-5 years.



Saturday, February 26, 2022

Eliot Katz Interview

I have known Eliot Katz for many years.  He and his wife Claude were on Bagels and Blessings over 15 years ago and it was wonderful to reconnect.

Eliot Katz is a retired attorney and active real estate investor who was raised in a Reform Jewish household and became Bar Mitzah at 13. He has an interfaith marriage with his wife of 39 years, Claude. Eliot had been at times an atheist, at times an agnostic, and at times simply a cultural Jew. He came to the Lord and accepted Yeshua late in life 19 years ago. He is thankful to Congregation Shema Yisrael and Rabbi Jim Appel for this. Eliot is the father of four children, all adopted from the Far East. All of his children are young adults and he is pleased that all four of his children are believers and have relationships with the Lord. Eliot is also a grandfather with three grandsons and one granddaughter. As a Messianic Jew, Eliot is part of the Adult Sunday School Teaching Team at the Rochester Chinese Christian Church. He says that the Lord has a sense of humor in placing this “Jew Born Anew” with a Chinese church that has supported his youngest daughter from China from the time that she came to the U.S. at 12.

I know you will enjoy the music too!

Saturday, February 19, 2022

Jacqueline Servantess Interview

Shabbat Shalom!  Today I aired a pre-recorded an interview with the lovely Jacqueline Servantess.  You will hear all about her discovery of Yeshua as Messiah and hear some amazing music!

Jacqueline Servantess is faith-based holistic coach for women (specializing in weight loss), an Amazon bestselling author on narcissism, and has an online ministry where she encourages understanding and obedience of God's Word & maintaining a strong relationship with Him through prayer & Scripture reading..! :)

She has been a Jewish born-again believer in Messiah Yeshua for around 12 years and believes in trying to break free from any man-made traditions that have "crept in" since The LORD Messiah's resurrection, and "get back" to the way His Apostles saw and did things in the book of Acts.
Right now, she has a ministry youtube channel that releases a variety of content on a regular basis, which includes the reading of Elohim God's Word, the sharing of dreams, sharing original Messianic praise & worship songs, and more. 

For more information, you can please feel free to email her at


Saturday, February 12, 2022

Ginnie Grupinski Interview

Ginnie is a wonderful woman who loves Yeshua!  She is a Gentile believer who has come to love the Jewish roots of her faith.   She met Yeshua in 1977, when she was 24 years old. A neighbor began sharing the gospel with her and as they studied the scriptures Ginnie asked God to show her if the words of the Bible were true. He did and she has followed Him ever since!

Ginnie has been married for 51 years to the love of her life. They have 3 married daughters and 7 grandchildren.

Enjoy fabulous Messianic music and be blessed!

Saturday, February 5, 2022

Deborah Cohen Interview

I discovered a fascinating woman and made a new friend!  You will love today's show - great music and a fun interview with Deborah Cohen.

Deborah gave her heart to the Lord at a Billy Graham Crusade when she was nine years old. Years later, the Lord called her into ministry. While pastoringDeborah’s eyes were opened to the reality of the Jewish roots of the Christian faith. For more than thirty years, she has ministered the Word of God in churches, conferences, radio, television, and books, both in America and around the world, presenting the gospel and the truth of who Yeshua is – the King of the Jews. She and her husband, Noam, live in the Galilee region in Israel and have a ministry called Declaring Zion International.

Check out their story, "The Ninja and the Pastor" here:


Saturday, January 29, 2022

Glenn Harris Interview

Shalom!   In a galaxy far away, many years in the past, I interviewed Glenn Harris.   Neither of us remembers the exact day or time, so it was good to have him back on Bagels and Blessings!   His story is inspiring, and you'll love it!   As always, I picked out some of my favorite tunes! 

Here's a little background on Glenn: 

Glenn Harris was born and raised in a traditional Jewish family in Los Angeles, CA.

After several fruitless years searching through New Age religions for answers to the big

questions of life, Glenn became a follower of Jesus in March of 1981, through the

challenge of a co-worker to come to a church presentation and to give the Gospel a fair

hearing. Glenn served for ten and a half years with Jews for Jesus and now for the past

twenty-four years has been the Associate Rabbi and Worship Leader at Congregation

Shema Yisrael in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan - a community of both Jews and Gentiles

who acknowledge Yeshua (Jesus) as the Messiah of Israel and Savior of the World.

Glenn holds his Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Literature from Northeastern Bible College

(now Kings College, NY) and Master of Divinity from Michigan Theological Seminary

(now Moody Theological Seminary - Michigan). He and his wife Alexandra have three

grown children and two grandchildren, and live in Birmingham, MI. Glenn is a respected

Bible teacher, occasional talk-radio host, outspoken pro-life advocate, cancer survivor,

musician, and avid motorcyclist.

Saturday, January 22, 2022

Anna Michelle

Here's another fascinating story about a woman who met her Messiah!  Born in Israel, Anna grew up in a multi-cultural Russian-Jewish family. Anna came to know God at around 10 years old but did not truly know him until having an encounter at a college youth retreat through her university. Anna is currently a Data Analyst by profession, but her true mission is sharing the message of hope in Yeshua to all. She is blessed with a wonderful marriage to her husband and they have an adorable cat Barney.

Enjoy the music also!

Sunday, January 16, 2022

Lynn Wein McCoy

Today you will hear a pre-recorded interview with Lynn Wein McCoy (yep, she's the real McCoy!). Lynn was raised in a religious Jewish home in Hartford, Connecticut. She became a Bat Mitzvah at the age of 13, attended Jewish youth groups, and even graduated second in her Hebrew class. Later she entered the University of Hartford, and studied Psychology. While there, she attended a meeting where a Jewish Believer gave his story of coming to believe Yeshua was the Messiah. She began searching the scriptures and a month later became a believer! She has served in the field of Jewish evangelism since 1987.  You can find her on YouTube cooking some delicious recipes.  Look for "Taste of Wein" - (W E I N).

Watch her cooking show here:


Enjoy the music too!  Thanks so much for listening!!



Saturday, January 8, 2022

Grace Stasica Interview

Today you will hear the testimony of Grace Stasica.  Grace grew up Baptist, accepted Yeshua into her heart, and it wasn't until her 50s that she became interested in the Jewish roots of her faith.  Today she is Torah observant and a member of a Messianic congregation in Colorado.

I enjoyed chatting with Grace and I know you will be blessed!

Also enjoy the music of Jonathan Settel, Joshua Aaron, Jordan Elias, Paul Wilbur, Corry Bell & Lev Shelo, and Ted Pearce.

Every day of your life is an opportunity to be a blessing to someone! 

Saturday, January 1, 2022

R. Gordon

Today you will hear the wonderful testimony of Dr. R.  Gordon.   Here is her story:

Dr. Gordon is a psychological assistant, working in the southern CA area, providing therapy for the treatment of various ailments including anxiety, depression, panic disorder, PTSD, relationship and communication issues, parenting issues, adolescent support, and work-related psychological injuries.

Dr. Gordon combines a holistic approach to treatment that includes examining underlying causes of mental illness related to the mind, body, and soul. She has worked in the field of psychology for almost 30 years and has also worked as a pastoral counselor. She received her undergraduate education at the City University of New York, College of Staten Island, her MS in Counseling Psychology from Chaminade University of Honolulu, and her doctorate of psychology from California Southern University. 

Dr. Gordon has spoken at hundreds of churches across America, on television and radio broadcasting networks, and has published in magazines and newspapers. She has written a book entitled, "Matched by Messiah,"  about her spiritual awakening after reading the New Testament.