Sunday, December 24, 2017

Maurice Sklar Interview

I feel like my ship just came in!   I have wanted to interview this talented violinist for years!   I finally had the opportunity!   Enjoy this program featuring Maurice Sklar!

Dr. Maurice Sklar's lifelong musical journey began at age four. Born in New Orleans, his exceptional musical ability took him to the Curtis Institute of Music (where he earned his Bachelor of Arts degree) and the renowned Juilliard School of Music. He answered the call of God to enter the ministry in May 1991. Since then he has performed and ministered throughout the United States, Canada, Europe, the former Soviet Union, Asia and Israel.
In June 1997, Maurice was awarded an Doctorate of Ministry degree from Word of Truth Seminary in Huntsville, Alabama, for his pioneering work in returning classical music to the church and for his revival ministry in the Holy Spirit. In addition, he has served as Artist-in-Residence and instructor of violin and viola at Oral Roberts University in Tulsa, Oklahoma, since 1990.

Dr. Sklar has appeared on Trinity Broadcasting Network's "Praise the Lord," “It’s Supernatural” with Sid Roth, “TCT”, Daystar, “CBN Asia” with Hugo Chan, "This Is Your Day with Benny Hinn," and "Richard Roberts Live!" programs. He is a frequent guest on "The 700 Club" with Pat Robertson, and recorded for the soundtrack of Kenneth Copeland's movie "Covenant Rider." 

"El Shaddai," Dr. Sklar's first album as a signed artist with Integrity Music, Inc., was recorded with the National Philharmonic Orchestra of London in 1994. It stands as a tribute to his pioneering efforts to blend classical orchestral stylings with the Christian worship realm. His next album, "Songs of Zion," also recorded with London's National Philharmonic Orchestra, is dedicated to the nation of Israel and the Jewish people. Maurice participated in the huge Hosanna-Integrity Music project, "Shalom Jerusalem." In this live worship concert recorded in Jerusalem, he is the primary instrumental soloist, and joins his musical gifts with fellow Messianic Jew, vocalist Paul Wilbur. Released to nearly 100 nations throughout the world in 1995, it has been the largest selling video ever produced by Integrity Music.


Monday, November 20, 2017

Jeff Morton Interview

Another fun interview to share -- had the pleasure of speaking with Jeff Morton, author of the book Uncoloring Race - Back to B'reisheet.   To order copies go to:

Jeff is originally from Rochester, NY.  He moved to the Pacific Northwest by himself at the age of 17. He has been there for nearly 40 years, having left briefly to serve in the Military. Jeff has been married to Michele for nearly 30 years and raised a blended family of four-children.  

 I enjoyed hearing Jeff's testimony and how he loves the Jewish roots of his faith.  You'll also hear some amazing music by Jonathan Settel, Rachel & Avner Boskey, Kol Simcha, Marty Goetz and John Waller.

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Rachel Boskey Interview

I have been admiring the music of Avner and Rachel Boskey for many years!   I remember Rachel once visited my congregation (in Buffalo or Rochester, not even sure where) and sang the song "Weep, Wail" and I was blown away by the words and her beautiful voice!

Messianic congregations have been singing the Boskey songs for years (O Praise the Lord, Seal Your Holy Love, Ancient Gates) and loving the songs as much as I do.

I recently had the privilege of speaking with Rachel about her early life, ministry and all about her music.   Rachel has become my friend and perhaps one day I will visit her and her beautiful family in Israel!

Meanwhile, enjoy the musical buffet set before you!

Monday, November 6, 2017

Aviad Cohen Interview

My heart is heavy.   Aviad Cohen left this world too soon at the age of 42.  I dug through boxes to find our interview together in 2005.  This show features his music and our interview together.

He was formerly known as "50 Shekel" and made a radical transformation when he accepted Yeshua into his heart.

He is gone but not forgotten.

Sunday, October 29, 2017

Dr. Ed (Ed Gigiliotti)

What a fun show today!   Dr. Ed of Upper Cervical Chiropractic of Rochester joined me in the studio.  He shared how he came to the Lord and how he became interested in chiropractic medicine.

Dr. Ed is my new sponsor and I have been going to him for a few months.   I have already begun to see positive changes in my health.

Listen and see what you think!  And of course you will enjoy wonderful music from Jonathan Settel, Miqedem, Sue Samuel, Ted Pearce and Paul Wilbur!

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Jaclyn Zant Interview

While at the Messiah Conference in PA this past summer, I bought a book by Jaclyn Zant.   I had never heard of her, but the seller assured me that I would love it and would want to purchase all 3 books in the series!

The author was Jaclyn Zant and boy do I love her books, "Petrified Hearts."   Jaclyn wasn't raised Jewish but she fell in love with the Messianic Movement after visiting a Messianic Congregation.

I call her books "Messianic fiction."  They are full of mystery, drama, romance and comedy.

Here's a little more about "Petrified Hearts" - a novel series about healing and learning to trust God when life unravels.

Sassy and independent, confident and secure, growing up in the family business with her four brothers has taught Rae to be fearless, tough-minded, and not so easily intimidated—assets in their male-dominated profession. When her mother, both nurturer and friend—and the only oasis in this sea of testosterone, is suddenly killed, Rae’s life is up-ended, leaving her wounded, confused and resentful toward God. But when a prank leaves her stranded far from home and the shelter of her dad and brothers, she learns she cannot run from Him for very long.

Centered around church and family, Heath’s life was ideal—or so he thought. Then, when his wife suddenly wants out, the rug is pulled out from under him. Left alone to care for his eight-month-old son, his heart and his life in pieces, moving back in with his mom and the group of elderly boarders who share her house, seemed the practical thing to do. But is he really just hiding-out?
‘For better or for worse’Andrea had made vows to God—who knew that ‘worse’ would come so quickly in their marriage and stay so long? When, after twenty-five years, Andrea is widowed, she purposes in her heart that she will eschew marriage and devote herself only to God—but is that His will for her?

Our deepest hurts and disappointments: who can heal them? We make promises that we will never again allow our heart selves to be hurt and hold back part—or all—of our heart from God. But in His mercy, God wants to heal our hurts and draw us close to Himself as He reveals to us His heart of love.

Enjoy this wonderful interview -- and lots of great music too!!!

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Terry Beatley Interview

I love how my friends give me great tips on interesting folks for Bagels and Blessings.  I had the privilege to interview Terry Beatley and was completely blown away!   Order her book "What if We've Been Wrong - My Promise to America's Abortion King" at and mention code "BB" to get a great discount!

After twenty years working in the insurance and investment business, Terry did what feminists had warned would be most dissatisfying – she became a stay-at-home mom homeschooling her children for the next eight years and loved the experience! While studying American history, Terry became perplexed as to how America overcame slavery only to dehumanize another category of people – unborn babies.

Her quest for answers uncovered how the feminist-led abortion lobby has successfully usurped and undermined parental rights. Terry's research culminated in a rare interview of Bernard N. Nathanson, M.D., the regretful cofounder of NARAL who trained Planned Parenthood doctors how to perform abortions and admitted to fast-tracking a racist population-control plan and manipulating Catholics to support the pro-abortion agenda. This interview and the promise Terry made Dr. Nathanson changed her life forever.

Listening to Dr. Nathanson's remorse for exploiting women and stripping the unborn child of all rights and protections inspired Terry to make Dr. Nathanson a  promise: to teach Americans his 8-point strategy of deceit and to deliver his personal parting message about "lov[ing] one another" until it becomes common knowledge or until Roe v Wade is overturned. As president of Hosea Initiative, Terry stays laser focused on the mission of teaching to bring healing truth to our broken world because all lives matter.

In 2016, Terry released her compelling book, What If We've Been Wrong?  Keeping my promise to America's "Abortion King," written for people on both sides of the abortion issue. In addition, she secured the exclusive movie rights to all of Dr. Nathanson's literary works. A feature film is in the planning stages.

Terry has been a contributing writer for The Washington Time’s “Power of Prayer” supplement, WND, Fairfax Free Citizen and The Free Lance Star; radio and podcast interviews include In the Market with Janet Parshall, America Outloud’s “Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Pleasure, WND, Family Research Council’s “Washington Watch” and lecture talk, Dr. Richard Land Live, A Closer Look on Relevant Radio, EWTN’s Pro-Life Weekly with Catherine Szeltner, Steve Deace Show, Rob Schilling Show, Radio Maria, Culture Shock Radio, The Gospel of Life, and Dominion Radio.  Terry has been interviewed for articles in The Catholic Herald newspaper, World Magazine, Virginia Right, and The Washington Post.

A graduate of the 2014-2015 Chuck Colson Fellows Worldview Program, Terry discovered three years earlier how influential worldview training is while managing a PAC in 2011. It helped defeat Planned Parenthood’s “Saving Grace in the Virginia General Assembly" earning Terry the title, "The Worst Virginian in the World" by a pro-abortion blogger and "The Greatest Impact Award" by a pro-life blogger. Terry has worked to awaken Virginians to the domestic and international threat to their parental rights and she has worked toward racial reconciliation by uplifting the principles of American liberty in minority communities. Currently, Terry serves on the Virginia Christian Alliance Board of Directors.

She is a 1986 Virginia Tech graduate; resides in Virginia with her husband of 30 years and two children.

Sunday, October 1, 2017

Andy Meyerson Interview

Do you believe in miracles?   Hear the story of a nice Jewish boy who grew up to find his Messiah Yeshua!  Rabbi Andy Meyerson experienced many miracles along the way - which makes for a fascinating interview!!!

Enjoy your favorite Messianic music and be amazed!

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Donna Fiorini Interview-2

What a privilege to have Donna Fiorini back on Bagels and Blessings!    A few years ago she was on the program and discussed her book "The Answer for Life."   This time she was on for a different reason.  Debilitated by a car accident that left her with a serious brain injury, Donna found the answers she was looking for when she visited Dr. Ed of Upper Cervical Chiropractic of Rochester (

You'll enjoy great music and hear an amazing testimony!! 

Saturday, September 2, 2017

Jami Robins Interview

If you love the "Onion," you'll love reading the Messianic Meow. 

See the FB page here:

Messianic Meow FB Page

Jami has a really interesting story.   Hear all about her journey to finding Yeshua and enjoy some wonderful music!!!

Ruti Frankel-2

I had fun interviewing several people while attending the MJAA Messiah Conference in July!   It was fun getting caught up with Ruti Frankel.   God healed her from a chemical sensitivity which prevented her from going outside, and she shares about her experience serving in the IDF (Israeli Defense Force).


Sunday, August 13, 2017

Ron Goldberg Again!!!

I never get tired of having Rabbi Ron Goldberg in the studio with me! He has a heart for the Lord, and amazing testimony, and he's just a really good person and fun to be with!  Today we talked about the difference between covenant and contract, about the authenticity of the Bible, and we reviewed his testimony. Because he knew the Word so well, when his parents sent him to deprogrammers, he held firm to the faith and was not swayed.

You'll also enjoy wonderful music from Deborah Kline and Vince Iantorno, Miqedem, Beckah Shae, Jonathan Settel, and the Schleps!

Saturday, August 5, 2017

Shmuel Birnbaum Interview

Today's show features music from Greg Silverman, Miqedem, Barry & Batya Segal, Marty Goetz and Elana Watson.

Hear all bout this nice Jewish boy who grew up in Brooklyn and found his Messiah!   God pulled him up from despair and saved him from death - physically and spiritually!

You will be encouraged and delighted.

Saturday, July 29, 2017

Melissa David Interview

Wow, today's show was AWESOME!  Dan and Melissa David have a new CD, "Draw Me Close."   I featured lots of their music and shared a pre-recorded interview with Melissa.

Here's a little bit about her:  

From her early childhood, Melissa demonstrated a gift for music, including a keen musical ear (being able to reproduce melodies she heard at an early age). She began playing the piano at age five and composing her own simple songs not long after. Melissa won first prize in several music festivals she entered as a child in British Columbia. She continued her musical studies with the Royal Conservatory of Music, later completing a Bachelor of Arts in Music Theory, History and Composition from the University of Lethbridge — graduating with Great Distinction in 2002.
During the final year of her Bachelor of Arts degree, Melissa was actively preparing a portfolio for graduate studies in academic music at the Eastman School of Music in Rochester, New York. However, she abandoned this pursuit after what can only be described as a supernatural moment of hearing from the Lord. She heard Him clearly direct that she was not to pursue her doctorate, but that she was to wait on Him for the tasks he would have ahead for her. She felt that she was to use her music to glorify Him, and to bring healing to others. At this time, the Lord also began taking her on a journey to discover the Hebrew roots of her faith in Yeshua (Jesus).  This nine year journey culminated in her meeting Dan — a Messianic Jew with the same calling upon his life and music.  Together with her husband, Melissa is now living out this calling — her music and songs touching thousands of lives every year. Her music has most often been described as calming, soothing, peaceful, and inspiring.

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Sonia Bihary Interview

Here is a sweet interview with Sonia Bihary, a worship leader from Tikvat Ysrael in Cleveland, Ohio.

Sonia grew up in a Jewish home but they weren't religious.   She attended Shabbat services and studied Judaism.   She felt empty and searched for something more.   Sonia looked into other religions but nothing satisfied her.

Sonia's sister visited her and told her about Yeshua.  After praying and reading the book of John the Lord revealed Himself to Sonia.   This was in 1981.

Both of Sonia's parents came to the Lord before they died!  God is good!

Sonia is a wonderful worship leader.   She majored in music at Oberlin in Ohio.   She taught for awhile, was involved in music therapy and began writing music.

Please keep Sonia's ministry in your prayers and for wisdom for her family as they make decisions about their special needs son.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Joel Allen Interview

Here's an exciting interview with Messianic Pastor Joel Allen!

Pastor Joel Allen has been a Messianic Pastor for over 7 years in the small town of Wolcott, NY. He shepherds a small assembly called Messianic Family Fellowship and reaches out through internet ministries to help those around the world with their Messianic walk and discipleship through curriculum centered around the weekly Torah portions and a weekly teaching podcast. 

Joel and his wife Julie have been married for over 21 years and have raised 4 beautiful children in the faith who are very active in the family ministry. This ministry is not only through the local church but takes the family on the road to lead praise and worship at Messianic camps and teaching Christian churches the importance of knowing God's times and seasons.

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Deborah Kline and Vince Iantorno

What a wonderful time with Deborah and Vince!   Double blessing!   You will love the new music from their CD "Here Am I" and the fun interview!

Deborah and her husband, Vince have uniquely combined their gifts to write and record a strong mix of praise, dance and prayer music. The duo travel internationally to bring the Good News of Messiah, using their ministry and music to bring people into a joyful time of praise and worship. Their ministry is “Shir Chadash” which means A New Song.

With their rousing and inspirational talent this event is sure to be one that you won’t want to miss. Deborah has been recommended as an “outstanding new artist” by well known Messianic worship leaders such as Marty Goetz and Ted Pearce. She has a God-given talent to usher people into praise and worship to their King. When asked about her passion for singing, Deborah said, “I have sang since I was a little girl.  My father had a beautiful voice and even was offered a scholarship to Julliard. He comes from a long line of Jewish Cantors, so I guess I was just born with it.

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Greg Silverman Interview-2

What a joy to have another great interview with Dr. Greg Silverman!   Today I featured some new songs from his CD "I Am," which was just released!   You will be so blessed!

Dr. Greg Silverman brings the Message of Yeshua, Jesus, to both Jews and Gentiles through his anointed worship leading, worship seminars, and teachings on the Jewish roots of the faith. Greg’s love and enthusiasm for Yeshua, Jesus, and for God’s people are evident in every teaching, concert, choral workshop, and speaking presentation he gives.

Greg’s father is a Russian-Polish Jew and his mother is Italian-American. Greg gained an interesting perspective on both Christianity and Judaism from growing up in an interfaith home. Greg remembers accepting Yeshua while visiting his grandmother’s church at eight years of age. Praise the LORD for a praying grandmother! As a teenager and college student, he attended a wide variety of churches. Greg also gained proficiency in gospel music during these years. By the time he graduated from college at the University of Massachusetts with a B.A. in both Vocal Jazz & Gospel Music as well as Psychology, Greg had one foot with the LORD but the other in worldly living. In Spring 2000, Greg began to point his life wholeheartedly toward God. Greg was hired as an assistant music director to well-known gospel musician, Ron Metcalf, in New York City. Ron did more than just make use of Greg’s musical gifts and talents; he took Greg under his wing spiritually by praying for and counseling him. Ron encouraged him to seek out the Jewish people who knew Jesus. Little did Greg know that there even was a Messianic Jewish movement, let alone that God would one day call he and his wife into full-time ministry. Within a year, Greg had rededicated his life to the LORD at his mother’s church. Immediately, God was making the dry bones in his life live!

In 2001, while studying classical choral conducting for a Master’s degree at Temple University, Greg was invited by a friend to visit Congregation Beth Yeshua, one of the flagship Messianic synagogues in the United States. From the moment he arrived, he felt spiritually as though he had “come home.” That first night at Beth Yeshua, the synagogue was particularly packed due to the special concert that night. When the guest artist was announced, Greg had a flashback and realized that he had seen this artist on a video that his grandmother had sent him several years prior. Although uninterested at the time, watching that video had impacted him, and it was very possibly the first time that Greg had seen a Messianic Jewish musician. So, Greg was overwhelmed to realize that his first time in Beth Yeshua was actually a concert of the same Marty Goetz that was in the video. What a “God-incidence!” Within a year of joining the synagogue, he met his beautiful wife, Rosa, who had been in the congregation for several years prior to Greg’s arrival. Greg and Rosa have joyfully become a quartet together with their two wonderful sons!

Greg ministered full-time at Congregation Beth Yeshua from 2004-2010. In Summer of 2010, the Silverman family moved out west to Tucson, Arizona where Greg had been accepted with scholarship into the prestigious University of Arizona doctoral program in Choral Conducting.  Greg completed the doctoral degree in December 2013. He served as a Music Professor and Choral Conductor at Eastern University. Greg presently is the President of his own ministries. The purpose of Silverman Ministries, Inc. (501c3 charitable organization) is to: 1) Share the Good News of Yeshua, Jesus, with both Jews and Gentiles, 2) Lead excellent praise and worship both live and through media, 3) Train and equip other musicians and worship artists, and 4) Connect the Messianic Movement and the Church.

Greg has ministered throughout America and internationally, and he has been a worship leader at the national MJAA Messiah Conferences for over a decade.  Broadcast appearances include TBN, Daystar, and the Inspiration Network. Live performances have occurred at Carnegie Hall, The White House, and Giant Stadium. Greg released his first full-length album of original Messianic Jewish Music entitled Dry Bones in 2004, Revive in 2007, and singles since. The ministry also released a brief documentary movie about a piece of Hebrew classical choral music and Greg’s experience as a choral conductor, Sacred.

Monday, May 1, 2017

Carlos Perdomo-2

All I can say is WOW!  Carlos Perdomo's new CD, Psalms, Prayers and Songs has just come out and today's program features many of his new songs, some of which are sung with his daughter, Sharon, and son, Carlos, Jr.!   You will love these songs and another great interview with Carlos!

Having been raised in a Christian home; Carlos had his own personal encounter with the Lord when he was 19 years of age. Carlos’ experience happened in Mt. Vernon, NY, at a small bilingual nondenominational church. They gave Carlos the nickname El Cantante de Jehovah (The Singer of J├╗ehovah). It was then that God called Carlos to serve Him through song.

Carlos has been singing since he can remember. At five-years-old, he started singing at Friday night tea parties at the request of his mom and her friends.  There, Carlos learned the emotions of singing secular love songs. However, after his encounter with the Lord, he combined his love for singing with his love of worshiping God. Carlos is also an accomplished drummer, having played with a number of Christian bands.

There were trials and tribulations that attacked his faith – even deciding which music to perform:  secular or Christian music. When Carlos surrendered his life completely to his Lord and Savior, he began the slow but firm resolve to die to himself, presenting his body as a living sacrifice to the Lord. As we read in Galatians 2:20 "I have been crucified with Messiah; and it is no longer I who live, but Messiah lives in me; and the life which I now live in the flesh I live by faith in the Son of God, who loved me and gave Himself up for me.”

Monday, April 24, 2017

Bishop Ron Mathis

How nice to have Bishop Ron back in the studio!   We talked about Holocaust Remembrance Day and the March of Remembrance that he was going to lead (the March took place on Sunday, April 23 in Rochester, NY).

Great music, and a few new tunes by Carlos Perdomo.   Some special songs dedicated to Holocaust survivors from Ted Pearce.


Monday, April 10, 2017

Guy Cohen Interview

I recently discovered yet another Messianic Jew!   We are everywhere, praise God!   Enjoy this great show with cool music by Jonathan Settel, Nancy Santiago, Sue Samuel, Michelle Gold and House of Peace.   And then there's the interview with Guy Cohen.

Guy Cohen grew up in Akko as well, in an Orthodox Jewish family in the Chabad Lubaviitch tradition. When he was 13 years old he approached his rabbi with a Biblical question he was struggling with based on Zechariah 9:9. Basically, he ask the rabbi how and why, in the modern world with cars, planes and so on, the Messiah will come into Jerusalem riding on a donkey. Cohen was severely disappointed and unsatisfied with the response he got and continued to yearn for an answer to this question.

When he was 18 and in the military he cried out to God asking where He is and who is Messiah. A few years later, while walking down the street in his home town of Akko, a random man walked up to him and handed Cohen a book. He looked at it and turned to hand it back, but the guy had completely vanished. When he got back to his office he opened the book up and began to read, it was a Brit Chadasha (New Testament) and was reading from the Gospel of Matthew and he was struck by the words of Yeshua. He continued to read the Brit Chadasha and came across Matthew 21:7 about Yeshua entering Jerusalem on a donkey and his questions from childhood rushed in his head, and he finally found the Messiah he had been looking for, Yeshua HaMashiach.

Cohen founded and leads Harvest of Asher Messianic Congregation in Akko. God has opened up a powerful opportunity for him to share the truth of Yeshua, the promised Messiah of Israel, in his own home town.

Friday, April 7, 2017

Robyn Putney Chat

I was prepared to just play music and talk a bit here and there, but a delightful thing happened at lunch on Shabbat!   I was dining with the lovely Robyn Putney and we spontaneously decided that she would visit the studio.   We weren't sure what would happen or what we would discuss.   But one thing was certain -- we were going to have FUN!

Enjoy the wonderful show as I was prattling with Putney, she was chatting with Chadwick and the history!!


Sunday, March 19, 2017

Hali Berry Interview

It's not every day that I get to interview the wife of a former interviewee!   I had interviewed author Grant Berry a couple of years ago and then recently met Hali Berry at a Women's Retreat.   She is delightful and funny and most importantly, she loves the Lord!

Hali Berry grew up in northern New Jersey. She was raised Orthodox until she was about 11, including going to yeshiva till eighth grade and attending religious sleep away camps.

By 13 years old Berry was completely Conservative but still attended Shabbat services.

When she was 16, her dad left the family and married her mom's best friend and moved one and a half miles away into her house. For her mom, brothers and Hali, they simply stopped ALL synagogue activities.

Berry immediately started using drugs. At age 25 she moved to Southern California by herself and instead of drugs, she became obsessed with food and body image. By 28 she was going to the 12-step program Overeaters Anonymous. There she met a Messianic woman who told her about Jesus, and she knew that wasn't for her.

At the age of 30, at a retreat, she read the Sermon on the Mount and something changed in her, but she didn't move in it for years.

Berry moved back to New Jersey in 1995, married and with a six-month old daughter. It was there where she was finally moved to jealousy for her God by Christians and began going to church.

She met Grant Berry and read in his book that Christianity is extension of Judaism and THE VEIL WAS LIFTED. She is still proud to be learning more and connecting with her Jewish roots.

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Rabbi Ruben Orona Interview

Today was so much fun!   Rabbi Ruben Orona (along with his adorable son Brian) was in the studio and we had a great discussion.  Plus great music from Liberated Wailing Wall, Michelle Gold, Barry & Batya Segal, Elana Watson, and Misha Goetz (Hoyt).

Rabbi Ruben Orona is a charismatic preacher who enjoys studying and sharing Torah with our Congregation members. Rabbi Ruben grew up in a Catholic home and did formal studies to become a Catholic Priest until he read the Ten Commandments as they appear in the book of Exodus. And this was his turning point! At that time Ruben was directly confronted by the Ruach HaKodesh (Holy Spirit) who started to reveal to him the Scriptures from a Hebrew/Jewish perspective.

Rabbi Ruben was at one point ordained and licensed as an Evangelical Pastor serving as an Evangelist and as a Missionary for over 20 years. He has preached at Revival and Healing events bringing thousands of people closer to G-d and to Yeshua. Ruben has experience planting (establishing) congregations from zero and has also commissioned/ordained Evangelists, Pastors and Ministers in Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic and the United States.

Through DNA testing, Rabbi Ruben discovered he was of Jewish descent! He was recently ordained as Assistant Rabbi at Congregation Shema Yisrael in Rochester, NY. Rabbi Ruben believes that each time the Torah is preached something ought to happen! Gifted with charismatic gifts of the Ruach haKodesh, Rabbi Ruben enjoys preaching and teaching in different countries and crusades. He has a special love for Israel and loves to lead others to worship Adonai in Spirit and Truth!

Rabbi Ruben combines his rabbinical ministry with working as a Registered Nurse. He holds a college Degree in Science in Nursing from Roberts Wesleyan College and also holds degrees at seminary level in Philosophy and Theology. Ruben is very family oriented and loves to spend time with his wife Carmen, to whom he’s been married for over 20 years, and with his son Brian. 

Sunday, March 5, 2017

More Music, Less Talk!

Today's show is loaded with fabulous music!   You'll enjoy songs from Jonathan Settel, Greg Silverman, Corry Bell & Lev Shelo, Natasha Kraus-Reynolds, Elana Watson, Beckah Shae, Joel Chernoff, Carlos Perdomo, The Schleps, Rivka Whitten, Joshua Aaron and Philip Stanley Klein!

Enjoy, dahling, enjoy!

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Elizabeth Black Interview

I met Elizabeth Black at the Beth Zion Women's Retreat January 27-29 this year.   She was one of the speaker's on Saturday night and I was very impressed with her!

Elizabeth currently serves with Jews for Jesus in New York City.  Jewish ministry was her lifelong goal, growing up in a Jewish community in Baltimore Maryland. She received a BA in biblical studies from Washington Bible College and has been serving in formal Jewish ministry for over 5 years. She serves alongside her husband Eryn Black and has two young boys, Jude and Ezra.

Enjoy wonderful music from Sue Samuel, Liberated Wailing Wall, Zemer Levav and Greg Silverman too!

Friday, February 10, 2017

Randy Katz Interview #3

This was a blast from the past!   Originally aired in 2007.   Hope you enjoy!

Originally from Middletown, NY, Rand (Randy to most people) attended the University of Rochester and decided to stay and make Rochester, NY his home.  He has been part of the Messianic movement in Rochester, NY since the 70s. He's an accomplished keyboardist and has played at Jewish functions all over the Rochester area and is on the worship team at Congregation Shema Yisrael in Rochester. We chat about his testimony and have fun during this interview!

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Joe Bell Interview

What a joy to speak with Joe Bell and learn of his spiritual journey!  

Rabbi Joseph “Joe” Bell was raised in a Jewish home in the Boston area. He has a strong Orthodox Jewish pedigree, and attended synagogue with such luminaries as Sheldon Adelson, Robert Kraft (New England Patriots owner) and family, Barney Frank, etc. It was a very prominent synagogue and Bell was very comfortable being Jewish and practicing Judaism.

Boston is also where he began his search to know God at the age of 28. It was then that he began to read the Bible (his Bar Mitzvah Bible) looking for God, seeking His power to change the direction of his life. He prayed at that time and asked God to come into my life if He was real.

Bell says, “I wasn’t looking for Jesus. After I began reading the Tanakh, people began to pop into my life and tell me about Messianic prophecies. Finally somebody connected me to a Jews For Jesus missionary who I agreed to talk by phone with. Her name is Sharon. But before Sharon, one of my employees saw me reading the Bible and pointed me to Messianic prophecies. She challenged me to read Isaiah 53. After reading it, she asked me who it was talking about? I said it sounds like Jesus. She said it is Jesus. So after months of reading and talking with my employee and with Sharon by phone, I decided to go meet with my Rabbi.

“I told the rabbi that people were sharing prophecies with me and pointed out Isaiah 53. The rabbi became visibly irritated and barked ‘That’s not Jesus Christ!’ I said, ‘Fine, who is it?’  He had no answer… And I knew that he really didn’t know.  About ten months passed and a series of events led me to read the New Testament Gospels and within a month I invited Jesus into my heart as my Messiah and Lord. God immediately spoke to my heart and told me to go out to the Jewish people and to the Gentiles and tell them about Him. I received this message after going to Church for the first time with a Christian friend who saw me seeking. I had spent the day fasting and confessing my sins to God after Church. I went through some sort of deliverance that day alone in my home, then I believe God spoke those words to me in my house that night.

To learn more be sure to tune into this exciting podcast!!!

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Robin Barbosa Interview

Do you know someone who has been in a cult?   Have you ever been tempted to join one?   Don't miss this exciting interview with Robin Barbosa, author of "I Am Revealed, Behind the Ashram Door."

Robin Barbosa was born in the Northeast United States and had a traditionally Jewish upbringing. She grew up in a Jewish neighborhood in the Bronx, New York. A college graduate with a Master’s Degree in the field of education, Robin has been awarded a Doctor of Naturopathy Diploma in the field of health consulting.

Robin is a Messianic Jew, a member of Christ Celebration Center in northern New Jersey. She is active in children’s ministry and has written children’s stories as a hobby. She is also a member of the International Cultic Studies Association (ICSA). The release of her book "I Am Revealed, Behind the Ashram Door" has been featured on the ICSA Member Updates. 

People need to read this story as it gives an insider’s perspective taking us inside the ashram, inside the cult and inside the reality of mind-control and what is actually at stake.

What is it like being in a cult? Robin’s objective is to tell her story while making a contribution to the field of cult awareness and provide a warning for anyone who may already be experiencing, or has experienced the effect of coercive persuasion, or for anyone considering involvement without realizing what is happening or bound to happen. It has the potential of being a powerful support for a person in any one of these categories, as well as the professionals working in the field of cult awareness.