Sunday, June 30, 2013

Kimberly Rogers Interview

Today's show features the music of Kimberly Rogers of “Beast Watch News” and “The Messianic Message” ministries.  Kimberly was raised in the Christian faith and came to know Yeshua as her Messiah in 1968.  She currently co-hosts a radio program on Messianic Lamb Radio called “The Wall Watchmen” with several other hosts and hosts her own morning talk show on Hebrew Nation Radio at KPJC 1220AM in Salem, Oregon. The show airs every Wednesday morning at 11amEST 
She has also produced a CD called “Two Sticks, One Tree,” which is available through her website,, and at Kimberly sings and plays keyboards of all kinds and guitar. She resides in the Branson, Missouri area and attends fellowships with other brethren in the area.

Kimberly is preparing for teaching a workshop at the LionLamb Sukkot this year where she will also perform some of her songs.
As Kimberly says, "Don't Worry...Be Hebrew!!"

Monday, June 24, 2013

Marty Goetz Interview

This program features the music of Messianic singer Marty Goetz.  In 1965, a thirteen year old Marty stood in front of the bima at Cleveland's Temple on the Heights for his bar mitzvah, solemnly singing the ancient words of the Torah. No one could have dreamed that he, twenty years later, would be an international recording artist.   After studying English at Carnegie Mellon University, Marty set out for New York City determined to give it two weeks to become a star or he'd go back to Cleveland and the family furniture business. After just a week, Marty and his performing partner Bert, of the duo "Bert and Marty,"  found themselves performing at hotels in the Catskills and were named the "Best New Act of 1947" at the end of the summer. After years on the road, Marty broke up the act, after Bert found Jesus, and returned to New York City. He worked there as a songwriter until 1978, when he shifted his ambitions to pop and moved to Los Angeles.
Marty began reading the Bible looking for a loophole after being provoked by the increasing number of believers in his life. A few weeks later, he realized with certainty that the Jesus of the New Testament was the Messiah his people have been longing for.
Within a year, he established a strong and passionate voice for Messianic believers.
Often called a modern day Psalmist, Marty Goetz sets scripture to music that leaves listeners spiritually moved, inspired, and educated.  Marty has the ability to lead listeners to a place of true intimacy with God.

Marty has been recording music steadily since 1985 and currently lives in Nashville, Tennessee with his family.  His albums include "Psalm Enchanted Evening," "Songs of Israel, "Hope of Glory," and "Songs of our Heritage."

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Bobbie Barsky Interview

What's this program all about:  A tribute to fathers in honor of Father's Day and a wonderful interview with Bobbie Barsky.  Bobbie is a Jewish believer who has been walking with the Lord for almost 30 years. She and her husband founded Beth Hillel in 1999 to reach the Lost Sheep of the House of Israel. Bobbie operates in the office of a seer and moves in the gifts of the Spirit, particularly in Word of Knowledge and Discerning of Spirits. She is a natural exhorter who will bless you with her supernatural testimony/preaching/teaching. Bobbie is a disciple of Derek Prince, and has ministered deliverance for many years. She claims North Carolina as home, where she co-hosted a religious TV show. Bobbie holds a BA in English with a major in creative writing. She is an ordained Rebettzin & Messianic Minister.   Bobbie has an amazing testimony of how God healed her from lung and brain cancer.   Her husband, Rabbi Dr. David L. Barsky, is the author of "The Cure," where he outlines healing scriptures that helped Bobbie through her darkest times.   Today's program features the music of Jonathan & Aviva Settel, Joel Chernoff and Sharon Wilbur, and Paul Wilbur.   Enjoy!

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Lauren Winner Interview

I first aired this in 2003, then again in 2008.   Here is an informative interview with Lauren Winner.  She is a historian, author and lecturer. Also Lauren is Assistant Professor of Christian Spirituality at Duke University School.  Lauren writes and lectures on Christian practice, the history of Christianity in America, and Jewish-Christian relations. She was born to a Jewish father and a Southern Baptist mother, and was raised Jewish. She converted to Orthodox Judaism in her freshman year at Columbia University, and then to Christianity while doing her Masters degree at Cambridge University She completed her doctoral work at Columbia University in 2006. Her fourth book, A Cheerful and Comfortable Faith: Anglican Religious Practice in the Elite Households of Colonial Virginia is based on her dissertation.

Her memoir, Girl Meets God has been described as "a passionate and thoroughly engaging account of a continuing spiritual journey within two profoundly different faiths. A second memoir, Still: Notes on a Mid-faith Crisis, released on January 31, 2012, chronicles her thoughts on God as she descends into doubt and spiritual crisis following the failure of her brief (2003–2009) marriage. Christianity Today calls Still "an instant spiritual classic."She is also the author of Mudhouse Sabbath.


Sunday, June 2, 2013

Israel Nelson Interview

Israel has been involved in the Messianic movement since he was 5 years old. His father was a Messianic Rabbi in Long Island and Queens, NY.  He was Bar Mitzvah at 13. The Nelson family moved to the Galilee when Israel was 16 during the first Iraq war. They became a part of the local body there which is considered to be the largest indigenous Israeli congregation in Israel. When he turned 18 he began working at Galtronics, a company founded to employee believers and Israelis in Tiberias. They became the largest private employer in the city through many miracles and in spite of much persecution. Israel met his wife, Cindy, in Tiberias through a set of miraculous circumstances and they've been married for 15 years and have 8 children and 1 on the way. In 2007 they left Israel and were not allowed to return because of problems with their visa. At that time the Nelsons relocated to Phoenix, Arizona where Galtronics had its US headquarters. In 2009 the Lord told Israel to fast and seek Him. During that time God said he was going to leave Galtronics and move into full-time ministry. In 2010 Israel became the Executive Pastor of Bethel Church in Phoenix. Their mission is to plant 10 churches by the year 2020 in the Phoenix area. Israel also stays connected with various Messianic Ministries.  He will be travelling to Israel on Sunday, June 2, and it will be the first time back since 2009. Israel says "I've been so blessed to see how God has kept us so connected with the Land and His people!"   Great music...and great interview!