Sunday, February 28, 2016

Jonathan Settel

Today was a blast!  It was wonderful to have Jonathan Settel in the studio and hear how G-d has blessed his ministry.

Not only will you hear about his faith and family, you will enjoy many wonderful songs!

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Ava Batts Interview

Today I heard an incredible story, the kind that makes you realize that God really does want to bless us, and that He still does miracles.   You'll just have to hear it for yourself.  

Ava as raised in a Gentile home and in later years discovered the Jewish roots of her faith.   That's when she fell in love with the Jewish Messiah Yeshua!   She blesses others in so many ways, and you too will be blessed after hearing her wonderful story!

You'll also enjoy the music of Sally Klein O'Connor, Jonathan Settel, and Corry Bell/Lev Shelo.

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Rabbi Steve Weiler Interview

What a pleasure to chat with Rabbi Steve Weiler and learn about his faith journey!  Rabbi Steve was
born in Manhattan, New York , to Jewish parents who had escaped Austria during the Holocaust.  Living in a primarily Jewish town (Great Neck, Long Island ), he had never been aware of anyone who believed that Yeshua is the Messiah, nor had anyone share their faith with him.  But at age 18, Steve went to see the movie The Greatest Story Ever Told, and his life was changed forever. Shortly thereafter, he dedicated his life to serving the Lord.
Rabbi Steve spent his college years in Baltimore , MD where he received a Bachelors Degree in Music Education from Peabody Conservatory of Music.  Later he received a Masters Degree in Education from Johns Hopkins University while teaching at an inner-city high school for four years.  Also during this time, he was a cantor at various conservative synagogues, sang at several churches, and attended Beit HaMashiach, a Messianic Synagogue.
In 1979, after a career in sales and business, Steve moved his family to Philadelphia , PA , where he became the principal of Chalutzim Academy - a private K12 school of Congregation Beth Yeshua.  Here he also served as the chief administrator, taught various courses including "Fundamentals of Biblical Judaism", led a children's chorus group called Growing Faith, produced two Messianic children's albums, helped produce two musicals, led the youth program, and led an adult singing troupe called "Shivat Tzion" (Return of Zion) which produced two albums.
Steve was ordained as a Messianic Rabbi by the leadership of Congregation Beth Yeshua. which is under the Messianic Jewish Alliance of America (MJAA) and the International Association of Messianic Congregations and Synagogues (IAMCS).  In April 1999, he moved his family to Tampa, FL to become the rabbi of Shoresh David Messianic Synagogue.  He has always had a burden for youth, strengthening families, having unity in the Body of Believers, and to see his fellow Jewish people accept Yeshua as their Messiah.  Rabbi Steve also serves on the boards of:  The Messianic Family Bible Project, The Tampa Bay Committee To Bless Israel , Ner Tamid, and BayshoreChristian School and others.  He also served on the Executive Committee of the Messianic Jewish Alliance of America (MJAA).
Rabbi Steve is blessed with a wonderful wife, Pat, who leads praise and worship, and is the leader of the Shoresh David sisterhood.  They have two daughters together - Rebecca, who lived in Israel and worked for God TV, and now lives in Tampa with her husband and daughter.  Sarah, who graduated from Southeastern University in 2009 and Sandford Brown in 2011 with a degree in Sonography is the manager of a pregnancy center in Tampa where she lives with her husband and soon-to-be son.

You'll also enjoy the music of Jonathan Settel, Sue Samuel, Greg Silverman, Marty Goetz, Rivka Whitten, John Waller and the Schleps.

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Cindy Rosenthal Interview

What a blast talking to Cindy Rosenthal!  She did not inherit her belief in Yeshua as Messiah, as some who may have been born into a family of believers. A former member of the musical group Kol Simcha—Cindy Rosenthal grew up in a Jewish family.

In this interview Cindy shares about her amazing journey to faith and about the day she visited a Messianic Congregation in Pennsylvania where she first realized that Yeshua was indeed the promised Messiah spoken of in the scriptures.

Cindy currently resides in Albany, New York where she works at the Albany Medical Center, a level 1 trauma center and one of the biggest hospitals in the state. Over the past three years Cindy, herself, has been in the throes of what has often felt like level one trauma. Remodeling her life, Cindy left the arena of finance, entered the medical world and has also gone back to school.

When she is not working, studying or going to class, Cindy is most likely singing or doing volunteer work—the things she loves to do.  Music, singing to God and praising Him has recently gotten her through one of the darkest times in her life. Through every health scare and every financial trial Cindy thanks God for His presence in her life. 

Lots of Kol Simcha music in this broadcast - enjoy!