Saturday, December 20, 2014

Nate Benjamin Interview

Today's program featured the music of Nate Benjamin!  You're in for a real treat.   Plus you'll get to hear an interview with him and hear how he came to faith!

Nate was raised by Jewish parents in a Messianic community centered in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He grew up surrounded by musicians, songwriters and worship leaders, where he developed his love for worship music. His writing style draws inspiration from the sounds of Bethel Music, IHOP-KC and Hillsong, blended with Messianic Jewish music and themes.

His 2013 debut album, "Sacrifice of Worship," includes five original songs written by Nate. The EP was produced in Nashville, Tennessee and Camp Hill, Pennsylvania by Tim James of Emmaus Media and Design and features some of the top musicians in the CCM scene. This album includes a few duets, specifically two very special ones with Elisha Chernoff and the other with Joshua Aaron.  To learn more about Nate Benjamin, visit

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Ron Finstuen & Jessica Gissen

It was a privilege to have Ron & Jessica back in the studio with me today.  Ron will shared how the Lord restored the relationship between Ron and his father, just in the nick of time.    God has perfect timing and allowed a trip to take place where there was healing, forgiveness and reconciliation, only days before the Lord took Ron's father home to be with Yeshua.  The Holy Spirit led Ron to give his father all that he needed to come to the Father through the Son. The Lord kept his father alive until he could deliver the message of Salvation to him. Ron said "I believe that God kept him alive until my father saw me, the real me, the man of God I have become. He passed away three days later with his head resting in his folded arms."

Ronald Finstuen, a.k.a. Coach Ron, has a background that spans 30 years of training and competition worldwide and includes sports, fitness and health.  He made military history by becoming certified and working as a personal trainer, and he was employed at a hospital for nine years. Over the course of the last year, he has been traveling the nation teaching his wellness class "Helping To Heal." He has taught thousands of people in various walks of life including children, athletes, elderly, injured, hospital staff members and many more. His hope is that every wellness class he teaches helps to heal an individual, a community and a nation.

Ronald also taught Israeli Krav Maga during this tour. Krav Maga means contact combat in Hebrew and is the Israel Defense Force combat training. In his 30 years of training in defense systems Krav Maga is his preference. He became a certified instructor in Krav Maga because he believes it is the most efficient and effective training for personal and home protection. Ronald views Krav Maga as a way to fight against antisemitism and as a way to protect people from violence.

Today's' show has lots of great music and a live song sung beautifully by Jessica Gissen.