Saturday, August 25, 2018

Dr. Ed Again - 3rd Time's a Charm!

How exciting to have Dr. Ed back again!  Ed Gigliotti is an Ontario native, now practicing in Rochester, NY since 2013. After himself experiencing a near-miraculous recovery from countless unexplained symptoms, Dr Gigliotti has dedicated his life to master upper cervical chiropractic technique and serving those who have all but given up hope. Dr Gigliotti is highly active as a speaker and mentor in the greater Rochester area. 

Dr. Ed's office just happens to be next door to Congregation Shema Yisrael.   He's been sponsoring Bagels and Blessings for almost a year now!  Today we discussed how proper alignment helps the body to heal - just as God designed.   He has seen many people get relief from many neurological disorders, fibromyalgia, insomnia and many more.

Enjoy the music of Jonathan Settel, Sarah Liberman, Joshua Aaron,  Marty Goetz, Craig Taubman and The Schleps!

Saturday, August 18, 2018

Marc Vidito Interview

I met the very talented Marc Vidito at the Messiah Conference.   I really enjoyed chatting with him!

Marc has been a leader in the Messianic community for over 20 years in both a worship and youth leadership capacity.  He has served as speaker, conference planner, honorary exec and worship leader for the YMJA in both the national and regional arenas and currently serves as YMJA Worship Advisor. He has recorded albums with Kol Simcha, Kathy Shooster, Growing Faith, and his current band, HaShir.  Marc's two main ministerial passions are worship and youth mentorship.  He has lived these out at home by leading the worship ministry and co-leading the youth ministry with his wife Dara in their home congregation, Beth Hallel, in Roswell. GA since 2002.  He currently serves the Messianic worship community worldwide as the Ministry Director of Meuchad: Messianic Worshippers United, found online at He hopes to bring his two young daughters alongside in ministry as they continue to grow in the Lord.

Today's show includes music from Jonathan Settel, Joshua Aaron, Paul Wilbur,  HaShir, Sue Samuel, David & Karen Seguin, Corry Bell & Lev Shelo, and Marty Goetz. 

Saturday, August 11, 2018

Steven Shreyberg Interview

Today's show features an interview with an interesting man I met at the Messiah Conference this past July.  

Steven Shreyberg was born to Russian- Jewish parents and raised in Toronto, Canada. Though God touched and revealed himself throughout Steven's life, it wasn't until Ma rch, 2012 that he finally began walking with God and received Yeshua the Messiah. Today, he is married with a new beautiful baby girl and serves at City of David Messianic synagogue in Toronto, Canada. 

Sunday, August 5, 2018

Carol Plantarich Interview

Carol was once a member of the popular Messianic singing group Kol Simcha!   Since 1992 she has been the secretary at Congregation Beth Yeshua in Philadelphia, PA.

Learn more about this nice Jewish lady who found her faith in Yeshua --- and enjoy some wonderful music from Kol Simcha, Kathy Shooster, Joshua Aaron, Sarah Liberman, Lamb, Jonathan Settel, The Schleps, Natasha Kraus Reynolds -- and more!!!