Saturday, July 27, 2013

Heather Levine Interview

Heather grew up in New York City and was raised as a Reformed Jew. She always knew God and somehow felt that God was missing in her life at Temple.  For a couple of years during her teens Heather felt that she had lost touch with God. As she made her way through the world it seemed that her connection with God as a young child slowly changed. By the time Heather was in her mid twenties God was a distant memory. He was just high in the sky and "the universe" as they call it in New age traditions today. She had some depression, anxiety and really lost touch with God and any higher power for that matter. Heather's world became very small and she got very sick in her late 20's from a
mysterious disease. The doctors couldn't cure her. Then she met a Christian man who took her to church and that was the first time where she really knew that she was in the right place. The sermon that day was just what Heather needed to hear and that night she got down on her floor and asked Jesus to reveal Himself and help her with her illness. Months later she recovered and now she is so grateful and hasa close relationship with Yeshua.

Heather currently resides in Los Angeles where she works as a Human Resources Manager.  She currently attends Ruach LA in Los Angeles and plans to open a natural rehabilitation center for people with autoimmune diseases in Malibu.

Features the songs of Craig Taubman, Beckah Shae, Debbie Chernoff, Joshua Aaron and Carlos Perdomo.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Misha Goetz Interview

This week features an interview with Misha Goetz and music from her debut CD, "Weight of Glory."  Misha, a talented worship leader, debuted her first album, Weight of Glory, on June 19th of this year. The twenty-one year old daughter of renowned Messianic artist, Marty Goetz, Misha has been on a journey towards her own Messianic music career for many years. She states in her bio on Kickstarter that she has been singing since she came out of the womb and playing piano since the age of five.

Misha started raising funds for this project less than a year ago on the website Kickstarter. Her page goes on to state that she wanted to make an album of worship music that speaks to people's hearts and brings them from the outer courts to the inner courts of the Most High God.  Truly knowing God in that secret place and making him known to a world that is so dark and dying is what worship is all about.  There's something about music that works in that process, stirring the soul, igniting a flame and evoking change by breathing on the deepest parts of our being that can't seem to be touched by words alone.
"I want to make an album of songs I have written that do just that" (Misha Goetz).
More information about Misha Goetz can be found on her website at

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Ron Goldberg Interview-7-13-13

What are some Jewish objections to believing in Jesus?  Today I had a great discussion with Messianic Rabbi Ron Goldberg.   It was great to have him back in the studio!  Ron was raised in a Jewish family in New York City. He began sneaking out to church during his senior year of High School. A friend then gave him the “forbidden” New Testament to read and Ron soon discovered that Jesus really is the Jewish Messiah. After coming to faith in Messiah Yeshua (Jesus) his parents thought about having a funeral for him. Instead they sent him to a rabbi for deprogramming and intensive counseling!
Ron's relationship with his parents was very difficult for several years but giving them grandchildren helped restore their relationship. Ron and his wife Vinu are an inter-faith couple with 5 children.

For 28 years Ron has served at Messianic Congregations and spoken at churches and Bible study groups teaching Christians about the Jewish roots of our faith and how to share the Good News of the Messiah with Jewish people. Every week he reaches out to students on college campuses in Tampa Bay. Also on Thursdays Ron co-hosts a Bi-Lingual Radio Show on

Today's program also features new music from Corry Bell/Lev Shelo and Misha Goetz!

Marlaine Eberhart Interview

Today's program was hosted by my good friend Scott Cassity.   He played some great music and aired a previously recorded interview I did with Marlaine Eberhart.  Marlaine was raised in a Jewish home and became a believer at 19 years old and Raphael discovered his Hebrew heritiage in 2008. They met at a Messianic Congregation during Chanukah of 2010 and were married during the Succot season, October 2011. They were both in ministry separately. Now unified in marriage they want G-d to receive all the glory in their ministry. The Eberharts have a Torah Study twice a month, every 3rd and 4th Friday of the month starting at 7:00 p.m. at 2827 Galleria Drive Arlington TX 76011. They go all over the Dallas Ft. Worth Metroplex to serve. God uses them to breathe life into people and lead them to become what God intended them to be. According to God's leading they will give away shofars, bibles and other need based things.
These are the services that they provide:
Raphael specializes in Shofar cleaning and anointing directed by G-d. He also teaches proper usage of the Shofar and Anointing Oils.