Saturday, May 15, 2021

Rene Annette Wallace is Back!!!

My new friend Rene has written another adorable book called "Zoe Discovers the Feast of Weeks at Pentecost."  It was great having her back on the air!

As a review, Rene is an extraordinary women.    She is an author, teacher, and "Chief Farmhand"

at Safe Haven Oasis and Messianic Fellowship, Church Ministries Coordinator

at Chosen People Ministries and Co-founder at Safe Haven International Network.

We had a delightful conversation and not only will you hear her story, you will hear some great Shavuot music!

Get her book now at: Zoe Discovers the Feast of Weeks at Pentecost: Shavuot for Kids Book: Understanding Pentecost for Kids (Understanding Jewish Holidays for Christian Children) (9798745971853): Wallace, Rene Annette, Kasdan, Barney: Books 

Saturday, May 8, 2021

Susan Salganek Interview

Today's broadcast featured an interview with Messianic author Susan Salganek.   Suanhas a Masters in Special Education and worked with exceptional children as a teacher in both private and public schools. She also has facilitated workshops for parents and teachers. She grew up in a secular Jewish background in Brooklyn, New York. “I was always searching to know who God is and wanting a relationship with Him.” she says. 

She became a Messianic Jew in 2001 and has served as a creator and coordinator for various classes at Congregation Beth Hallel. In 2018, she created Tell My People, a Messianic Media ministry, which became a department of ACT International. 

She is working on a second novel, as well as the screenplay for Touched By Truth. She currently resides in Atlanta, Ga.

Enjoy fantastic music too -- and BTW, Happy Mother's Day!

Saturday, May 1, 2021

Marc Vidito is Back!

I love interviewing folks - and having them back on the show again and again!  Here's another fascinating and entertaining interview with Marc Vidito!

Marc has been a leader in the Messianic community for over 20 years in both a worship and youth leadership capacity.  He has served as speaker, conference planner, honorary exec and worship leader for the YMJA in both the national and regional arenas and currently serves as YMJA Worship Advisor. He has recorded albums with Kol Simcha, Kathy Shooster, Growing Faith, and his current band, HaShir.  Marc's two main ministerial passions are worship and youth mentorship.  He has lived these out at home by leading the worship ministry and co-leading the youth ministry with his wife Dara in their home congregation, Beth Hallel, in Roswell. GA since 2002.  He currently serves the Messianic worship community worldwide as the Ministry Director of Meuchad: Messianic Worshippers United, found online at He hopes to bring his two young daughters alongside in ministry as they continue to grow in the Lord.

You'll enjoy a special visit from "Max" from Shabbat to the Max too!  And of course wonderful music!!

Saturday, April 24, 2021

Eli and Vanessa Ben-Moshe

If you've been around the Messianic movement for awhile, then you remember the early days with the music group Israel's Hope.  Marc Chopinsky was a founding member of that group and has gone to his eternal rest.   His son Eli has picked up the torch and produces wonderful Israeli worship music through the Ashira Project.  I had a great interview with Eli and his wife Vanessa and this program features some of the music from Ashira.   

Eli is a worship leader and messianic music producer. In 2015 he founded ASHIRA, a worship project that produces Israeli messianic music for local, Israeli artists. He also serves as worship leader at Ohalei Rahamim congregation in Kiryat Yam.
Eli is the son of the late Marc Chopinsky and Leah Chopinsky. He is married to Vanessa and has four beautiful children. Eli, his wife & children and his mother live in the Krayot, northern Israel.

For access to Ashira:

Sunday, April 18, 2021

Babette Biddlecombe Interview

A few weeks ago I had a great chat with Jonathan Biddlecombe, only to find out that his wife, Babette has an equally fascinating testimony!   I am very happy to share her story here.

Rev./Dr. Babette C. DuPlessis-Biddlecombe’s greatest desire is to see the name of the Lord lifted up, His Kingdom extended on this earth and His righteousness, truth and justice established. Seeing people healed, delivered, set free, and discipled for their calling is very important to her.

Dr. Babette grew up in South Africa where she preached and assisted in missions. As a teen-ager she wrestled with her faith in Jesus/Yeshua; trying to understand her Jewish roots and how God could use her as a woman. After graduation, she studied art, psychology and biblical studies and worked as a graphic designer for many years while being involved in social issues. She married Jonathan in 1986 in a Messianic Congregation and open her own Art studio once their first child was born. She also served in ministry in various capacities: administrative, preaching, teaching life skills to many who were oppressed by the apartheid system, designing as well as being the assistant editor of a Christian newspaper. She coordinated the opening and management of an orphanage for street children and witnessed many miracles along the way.

At the age of 36, Dr. Babette, her husband and two children moved to Dallas, Texas after an offer of a tuition scholarship at Christ for the Nations. There she completed her three-year practical theology and pastoral studies. She was also licensed and ordained, interned in Chaplaincy at the Dallas men’s prisons and at a private mental institution. After graduation, her family moved to Tulsa, OK to intern with the Osborn’s ministry and began the immigration process while continuing their education. They met Bishop LaDonna Osborn and Pastor Chyanna Mull-Anthony in their first year of studies, and the impact these women of God had on her life as a woman in ministry would be everlasting.

Dr. Babette founded Eagles Glide International Ministries in 2004 and started a Messianic Congregation, Beth Shalom, with her husband Jonathan. They also opened a Bible college, distribute Bibles and Biblical books, and are working on the opening of a Safehouse for abused women and children. They both manage their own graphic design and web development, Smart Art, and are working on a health food product that Whole Foods Market is interested in retailing. Her husband is working on his PhD in Hebraic studies, and their children are both studying and serving the Lord. Pastor Babette also takes time out to paint whenever she can.

Dr. Babette has a B.A. in Practical Theology, as well as a M.TH and her PhD is in Religious Education. Her main research is in biblical equality and understanding the Biblical Hebraic Roots of our faith.

To learn more about their ministry, click here:

Saturday, April 10, 2021

Zsiporah and Michael-David

Who knew that the word "Bagel" would connect me with these two adorable believers from Israel!   

This adorable couple shared their story of faith and you will hear some of their music too.   

Michael-David: Inventor of the Harpella TM and President of Harptronics Inc.

Michael-David is the author of a new book "The Frequency of the Supernatural". He is an inventor, composer/producer, prophetic harpist/psalmist and Renaissance man. With a lifelong passion for technology, astronomy, and quantum physics, he merges these fields with a love of music and God. His patented electronic harp called the Harpella has taken him around the world in prophetic harp music.

Michael-David, is a Psalmist who leads worship and holds harp schools internationally. He has a calling to help restore the harp as a prominent instrument for worship and prayer. He is the founder of the School of the Prophetic Harp and has given instruction in Davidic Psalmistry in Israel, North America and around the world. 

Michael-David and his wife Zsiporah are a Messianic couple who have ministered in music for over 30 years with a distinct Hebraic emphasis. They have appeared on Canada’s #1 daily Christian TV program 100 Huntley Street on a number of occasions and in Israel at the ICEJ Feast of Tabernacles before thousands of international visitors and delegates as well as ministering at the All Nations Convocation with the Jerusalem House of Prayer For All Nations for multiple years.

As a harpist, composer, and producer, Michael, along with his wife, who is an author and singer, have produced original musicals including The Feast of the Ages (available on DVD) and A Camelot Christmas Tale that has aired across North America. They are also credited as Executive Producers for a number of feature-length films in conjunction with CubeCity Entertainment.

They were the founders and directors of the KingsBridge School, a classical Christian academic, and school of the arts. They currently are the directors of the KingsBridge Arts Round Table, a non-profit Christian Arts organization as well as providing leadership to the Chautauqua Movement in Muskoka, Canada

For more info here is their website:

Saturday, April 3, 2021

Rick Heller Interview

 It was fun chatting with Rick Heller today.  In his own words:

I am a devoted follower and lover of Yeshua (Jesus), my Messiah. I am a husband, a father, a grandfather and even a great-grandfather by marriage. I have several degrees, including a bachelor’s in psychology and a master’s in human resources. I have had many careers,  including: the Navy Nuclear Field, carpentry, computer instructor, and nursing in various capacities.

I still wonder what I want to be when I grow up. Not really. I have had many titles, but my favorite one was given to me by a friend, whose anointing I’ve always admired. She once said to me that she saw me as a friend of God.  I don’t deserve such a title, but it resonates in my heart. I can only hope.

Sherry, my wife, and I have made our home in Florida for the last eleven years.  We have a beautiful (if somewhat headstrong) dog, a Whoodle, named Maxi. He brings a lot of love, comfort and challenges into our home.

Like everyone else, we have our ups and downs and times when life goes sideways. But we love the Lord. He is the foundation of our life and marriage. Life can be hard enough with Him. We don’t ever want to be without him.

I am a sinner saved by grace, the unmerited favor of God, which I could never earn or deserve. It is in Yeshua, Jesus, my Lord and Savior, that I place my trust. When you read these stories, I hope you can catch a glimpse of His love for you.

Here is a link to his book:

Sunday, March 28, 2021

Rene Annette Wallace

Today I interviewed Rene Wallace, author of the adorable book "Zoe Discovers Passover at Easter."

Rene is an extraordinary women.    She is an author, teacher, and "Chief Farmhand"

at Safe Haven Oasis and Messianic Fellowship, Church Ministries Coordinator

at Chosen People Ministries and Co-founder at Safe Haven International Network.

We had a delightful conversation and not only will you hear her story, you will hear some breat Passover music!

Get her book now at:

Saturday, March 20, 2021

Rabbi Matt Rosenberg

I was delighted to speak with Rabbi Matt Rosenberg. We watched him grow up when we lived in NYC. His family is wonderful and it was a delightful interview! Here is his bio: Matt received a B.A. in Religion from Nyack College. He is passionate about sharing the message of Yeshua with his Jewish people and the nations all over the world beginning in Seattle. He is a thinker, reader, dreamer, and leader among his generation in the Messianic movement. He holds ordination through the IAMCS ( and serves as a board member of Jewish Voice Ministries International ( Matt and his wife Laura have three children and live in Seattle. 

Enjoy this fun interview and lots of great music!

Here is info on his new
book ("Jesus Never Said Anything New"):  


Saturday, March 13, 2021

Itzhak Shapira-2

Today's pre-recorded program features an interview with Rabbi Itzhak Shapira.   It's been awhile since he was on the show.   Here is a little background:

Tzahi (Itzhak) Shapira was born and raised in a traditional Sephardic Jewish home in Israel. After years of studying Rabbinic Jewish texts, he found the Messiah within the Hebrew writings. Far from a study of kosher dietary laws, The Return of the Kosher Pig is an unprecedented journey toward the true identity of the Divine Messiah - the one previously considered "unkosher" and "unacceptable" by Jewish people. This encyclopedic volume will surprise and challenge you with the compelling words of Jewish sages and rabbis over the last 2,000 years, many in English for the first time. Rabbi Shapira serves as the as the founding rabbi of Ahavat Ammi, an international Jewish organization that is focused on reconciliation between Jews and Yeshua.

His newest book is The Besorah according to Covid-19.   Find more info at

Saturday, March 6, 2021

Jonathan Biddlecombe Interview

 Messianic believer, painter, lover of God, fascinating human -- this is Jonathan Biddlecombe.   You will enjoy his life story and his wonderful South African accent too.  Here is some info about his ministry:  In a few weeks I will air an interview with his wife, Babette.

Eagles Glide International Ministries (*EGIM) was born out of a desire to see the Body of Messiah reach its God-given potential through Messiah's redemptive love.

We are a multifaceted ministry and fellowship; taking the
Good News of Yeshua the Messiah into all the world, equipping, empowering and encouraging the body of believers to walk in truth, righteousness and wholeness.

Eagles Glide International Ministries  (*EGIM) is an Oklahoma non-profit organization and is supported by a board of trustees who have served the Lord for many years. EGIM was established in May 2002 from a vision planted many years ago: To see the broken-hearted healed, the captive set free, and the lost found... Isaiah 61

Saturday, February 27, 2021

Micah Mahoney Interview

Have you ever heard of the group "Heartcry of David?"  It's a collective ministry of wonderful artists.  Micah Mahoney is a co-founder and director and I had a great interview with him recently.

Their website states:  We are a team of anointed worship leaders, artists, and musicians - a collaboration of spirit-filled Jews & Gentiles – that hold a shared desire and vision to see believing Jews and Gentiles unified through worship. And for the entire body of Messiah to be aligned with God's heart for Israel!

Heartcry of David

Saturday, February 20, 2021

Liz Stout Interview

Many years ago I was privileged to attend Shabbat services with the Herman family in Rochester, NY.   They produced three wonderful children, all grown now, and today I played a pre-recorded interview with their daughter, Liz Stout.   It's been so wonderful watching her grow up into a strong woman of God.  

Liz was raised in Rochester, New York in a Messianic Jewish family. She always knew the Lord, but only dedicated her life to Him on her 18th birthday. She received her BA in religion and philosophy from Roberts Wesleyan College. She moved to Israel in 2005 in order to study for an MA in education at Tel Aviv University, where she met her husband Simon. For much of the last decade, Liz has been an elementary school teacher at a private Christian school. However, in mid-2019, she joined the Jews for Jesus family and now serves missionary in Jerusalem. Liz has a heart to see children come to know the Lord in a deep way, and to see them actively serving in their community. Liz asks that you please pray with her for the children whom she serves, that they will “dedicate their lives to the Lord and know His voice!” Liz and Simon currently reside in Jerusalem and have two young children.

Saturday, February 13, 2021

Carolyn Hyde Interview

I enjoyed getting to know Carolyn Hyde and had a delightful interview with her.   Today's show features her story of faith and features some of her music.

Carolyn was raised in an Orthodox Jewish synagogue near Chicago. She graduated from University of Illinois and as an RN she practiced nursing for many years.

After making Aliyah Carolyn served as worship leader at K’tsir Asher, The Harvest of Asher Congregation, in Akko, and then led worship at Kehilat Poriya, a congregation near Tiberius. She has written and recorded many worship songs in English and Hebrew and her worship CD’s include “Just Like Joseph” and “The Latter Rain”- contemporary worship CDs; “Deep Calls to Deep” – a soaking CD; and “Fine Linen” – worship with a touch of the blues.

Saturday, February 6, 2021

Mitch Glaser Interview

I had a wonderful conversation with Mitch Glaser (Ph.D., Fuller Theological Seminary), the President of Chosen People Ministries. He speaks and writes widely on Jewish evangelism and Messianic Judaism. He is co-editor with Darrell Bock of four academic volumes published by Kregel Publications and has authored numerous books and articles.

Listen here to learn how he came to know Yeshua and how God is using him today!


Saturday, January 30, 2021

Mindy Chernoff Interview

Mindy grew up in a Jewish home and found her Messiah.  She has the most fascinating story.  No horsing around here.....:-)

Mindy Chernoff, MA, provides a novel and innovative approach to healing, using horses as a context for promoting self-esteem and a sense of competence with children and adults of diverse backgrounds. With over 50 years experience with horses and 28+ years in addiction recovery, she brings mindfulness into play with her clients, all the while interacting with horses and the peaceful environment. In her experience with both children and adults, she uses animals to foster personal growth and transformation. Within a safe environment, which she has called “The Resonant Horse,” together with the horse, she explores areas of resistance, fear, discomfort, love and acceptance. Mindy feels every life lesson can be learned in the barn.

Mindy’s primary goal is to build upon each individual’s positive traits, encouraging a sense of calm, contentment, and freedom to let go. Her sessions vary in length and focus, depending on the needs and desires of the client.

Horses, in particular, evoke a strong sense of authenticity in those who interact with them, and in the horse’s environment a client is inclined to slow down, notice, feel and heal. By being in close proximity to horses, under the supervision of a trained mentor, stress levels often diminish. One typically experiences deep levels of inner awareness of his/her feelings and desires.

Mindy is a published writer and has facilitated workshops for diverse audiences, such as teenage unwed mothers, and with the Archdiocese of Wilmington. She has also presented workshops at Pendle Hill and at an International Conference in Chicago. Her post graduate training includes study in mindfulness meditation and executive leadership training.

When not attending to clients, Mindy can be found riding “Viton” her Pinto Congress two-time champion.

Saturday, January 23, 2021

Cathy Gohlke Interview

Lately I have been speaking with some amazing authors.  Terri Gillespie introduced me to Cathy Gohlke and I was so intrigued with her story.   Here's a little bit about her:

Bestselling four-time Christy, and two-time Carol and INSPY Award-winning author, Cathy Gohlke, writes novels steeped with inspirational lessons from history. Her stories reveal how people break the chains that bind them and triumph over adversity through faith. When not traveling to historic sites for research, she and her husband of 38 years, Dan, divide their time between Northern Virginia and the Jersey Shore. Visit her website at, follow her on BookbubGoodreads, and find her on Facebook at CathyGohlkeBooks.

Cathy has a great love for the Jewish people and ministers to Holocaust survivors.   Enjoy our inspiring interview!

Saturday, January 16, 2021

Ron Gitelman Interview

I had the pleasure of speaking with Ron Gitelman last month and am excited to share the interview with you today!   Enjoy fabulous music too!

In Ron's own words:

" I was born in Denver and moved with my parents to Fayetteville Arkansas shortly afterwards. We were one of very few Jewish families in a university town that today has grown significantly. I had many Christian friends who would share the Good News with me and at 16 made an initial commitment to Yeshua. However I fell away from that commitment but in my freshman year of college at LSU I recommitted asking Yeshua to show me He is real. Since then I helped build a student led Bible Study at LSU that is still going strong today. I moved to San Francisco and became involved with Jews For Jesus and went on staff for two years before realizing that wasn't my calling. After moving around I settled in New Haven CT and after a divorce that caused much pain God brought my current wife into the picture just over a year later. I started attending Congregation Simchat Yisrael in 1998 and became an elder in 2001. I have been serving as President since 2010 a position which I will be turning over in 2021. My wife and I have been married for 20 years and have 3 wonderful children and are fierce advocates for Messianic Judaism."

Saturday, January 9, 2021

Terri Gillespie is Back!

I am delighted to bring you another interview with the vivacious Terri Gillespie!  We've known each other for many years now and I am excited about her books.  She is very talented and has a wonderful story.

I have some names to draw -- maybe one is yours?   Someone will win her book, "Making Eye Contact With God."  Stay tuned, as they say!

Here's a little more about her:

Award-winning author and beloved speaker, Terri Gillespie writes stories of faith and redemption to nurture women’s souls. Her novels, devotionals, and blogs have drawn readers to hunger for a deeper relationship with their Heavenly Father.

Life is a journey. Terri lived in fear most of her life. Stories helped her see life through the lens of adventure and God’s abiding love. Those stories changed her life. They empowered her to be brave. She hopes hers will change yours.

With over 20 years in ministry, she worked behind the scenes in development and fundraising, wrote the Restoration of Israel radio spots, and was a managing editor of the bestselling Tree of Life Version of the Holy Scriptures (TLV). She currently writes the Wisdom’s Journey daily blog and teaches and writes stories of hope and empowerment for women.

Terri was recently signed with Elk Lake Publishing to publish her next novel, "Sweet Rivalry!"


 Click here for more info about Terri:

Terri Gillespie 


Or for info about Elk Lake Publishing:


Elk Lake Publishing & Terri Gillespie 



Saturday, January 2, 2021

Rabbi EricTeitelman

Welcome back!   I am still pre-recording these shows from home until a) the Pandemic slows way down or b) my board operator (Peter) is recovered from Covid and able to come back to the station.   Please keep him in your prayers.

Today I aired an interview with Rabbi Eric Teitelman.   Here is some info about him:

Pastor (Rabbi) Eric Michael Teitelman is a Jewish Christian and follower of Yeshua. He is ordained as a bi-vocational pastor with the Southern Baptist Convention and is also a worship leader and photographer. He was born in Chicago to Jewish Ashkenazi parents and raised in Bat Yam, Israel for much of his childhood. There he attended Yeshiva Aderet, an orthodox school for rabbinical study.

In 2002 after reading the New Testament, Eric received Yeshua as His Lord and Savior. With a firm knowledge of Old and New Testament scripture and a deep understanding of Jewish culture and rabbinic writings, he brings a unique perspective to his teachings.

Pastor Eric oversees the House of David Ministries—a teaching, worship, and creative arts ministry, focused on building the Kingdom of God by bringing Jew and Gentile Christians together as one new man in Christ Yeshua (Ephesians 2:14-16).

I know you will love the music today -- I am featuring a NEW song from Ted Pearce called "Reign!"