Sunday, March 13, 2011

Andrea Rogers Interview

Andrea was born and raised in Argentina, where she met her American husband at a Messianic Conference. Andrea patiently waited for the L-rd and He gave her the desires of her heart. Her story will inspire you to trust in the L-rd at all times and you will also hear about "Juice Plus," which has wonderfully and dramatically transformed her family. For more info please visit her website,

Gina Spindler Interview

Are you concerned about healing? Want to know more? This is an "oldie but goody" that was on the air October 31, 2009. Gina was raised in a Gentile home and God inspired her to love the Jewish people. She suffered from many physical ailments and was miraculously healed. You will be inspired as you hear her story. Her love of God and her faith are truly remarkable!