Sunday, June 17, 2018

Lots of Music!!

Sometimes you just want to kick back and hear more music!   I get that, I really do.   So today's show has MORE music and LESS talk!

That's right, no interview today.   Just an hour of some of your favorites from artists like Beckah Shae, Ted Pearce, Paul Wilbur, Barry & Batya Segal, Deborah Kline Iantorno, Corry Bell and Jonathan Settel!!!

Enjoy dahling, enjoy!!!!

Saturday, June 9, 2018

Dr. Eric Braverman Interview

Today I interviewed Dr. Eric Braverman.  Dr. Braverman is a physician, researcher, and author. He is the medical director of PATH (Place for Achieving Total Health) Medical and coordinator of clinical research for PATH Foundation NY, both of which are located in New York City, where his focus is brain health . Dr. Braverman promotes the use of hormone replacement therapy and dietary supplements. He has written several books and articles and appeared on many talk shows.

Dr. Braverman grew up in a Jewish household and found faith in Yeshua as a young adult.

You will enjoy this informative interview and also lots of great Messianic music!

Friday, June 1, 2018

Jennifer Caracelo Interview

I had a delightful conversation with Rebittzen Jennifer Caracelo from Savannah!   You will enjoy some wonderful Messianic music and hear all about Jennifer's story!

Jennifer is organizing a Women's Conference called "Soul Stirring," a Neshama Women's Conference.  More info is available here: