Saturday, March 30, 2024

Ben Volman Returns

It’s been several years since Ben Volman was on Bagels and Blessings.  It was great to have him on the show again. 

Ben Volman is the Canadian Regional Director of the Union of Messianic Jewish Congregations. He came to faith in Yeshua while he was a university student in philosophy and was a founding member of Canada's first Messianic Jewish congregation. He holds a Master of Divinity degree from the Toronto School of Theology at the University of Toronto. Ben has had a highly varied career winning two national religious journalism awards, writing an award-winning book on Messianic Jewish history, planting Messianic congregations, and mentoring Messianic leaders in Canada. He has travelled across North America and around the world teaching on Messianic Judaism in Europe and South-East Asia. Ben recently retired from Chosen People Ministries Canada where he served as the founding rabbi of Kehillat Eytz Chaim/Tree of Life Messianic Congregation in Toronto. He is currently in the Doctor of Practical Theology program at McMaster Divinity College in Hamilton, ON. He and his wife Sue live in Toronto, with their son, Jon. 

Saturday, March 23, 2024

Debora Weiss Interview

Debora is a lover of Yeshua and was born and raised both Catholic and 7th Day Adventist in São Paulo, Brazil, where she started her career as a pharmacist and researcher. Her great great grandfather was Jewish. She discovered Messianic Judaism after her son showed interest in the Old Testament scriptures. They started attending Beth Yeshua in Philadelphia. In the late 90’s, she met Tom in a conference in the United States. They have been married for 25 years.

Saturday, March 16, 2024

Phillip Cohen Interview

Phillip Cohen describes growing up Jewish in a strongly anti-Semitic culture and what it’s like “crossing the line” to giving his life to Jesus.  It has been a long journey that is not over yet.

Crushed by a violent, anti-Semitic world and a troubled alcoholic father, Phillip Cohen begins searching early in life for healing and love. He grew up in inner-city Chicago, Atlanta, and Miami before wandering around in three countries, searching for a life that matters

This long, difficult yet amazing journey continues through hippie communes and ultraconservative Anabaptist church. He runs to mainstream Christianity but doesn’t seem to fit anywhere.  Despite his efforts to find God, Phillip often finds himself in unanticipated places where God’s presence. Eventually he finds His Messiah. 

Today Phillip works with individuals and businesses bridging the work life and personal life into a God-Centered life and building success in a God-centered business.  He is the founder of Healthy Leaders, a coaching ministry that helps struggling business owners build strong, cohesive leadership teams with God in the center.

Saturday, March 9, 2024

Ted VanLandeghem Interview

Here’s some info about my interesting guest:

A Believer in Jesus, who grew up in Arnold Missouri, Ted VanLandeghem is the CEO & Founder of TheReadyBag.Com /Goshen Kingdom Solutions/Kingdom Tactical Advisors which seeks to provide emergency preparedness training, community, solutions & tools to the body of Christ. Ted also serves as a speaker for Ancient Hebrew Scroll Project. The Scroll Project is the only complete set of Old Testament Manuscripts in Ancient Scroll form in the world that can be viewed by the public. Currently, there are only 5 known complete sets. Learn more: Ted has spoken at over 400 churches, schools, conferences and synagogues worldwide. Ted served on the executive leadership team of Christian Halls International as the Assistant to the President ( and formerly served as the US Spokesman & Director of Partner Relations at MAOZ Israel Ministries in Jerusalem Israel.  

Ted lives in Texas with his wife and their 6 children, 2 sons-in-laws & 4 Grand-children.

Saturday, March 2, 2024

Faith Crowley Interview

Faith has enjoyed worshiping the Lord in Messianic Judaism for 45 years, though she is not Jewish. She first realized the Lord’s love for her when she was 19 years old.  The Lord brought her to Congregation Beth Yeshua in Philly, in 1978, and she was blessed to worship under the loving care of her shepherd at that time, Martin Chernoff with his wife, Yohanna Naomi Chernoff. And now, almost 76 years old, Faith is blessed to be under the shepherding of their son, Rabbi David Chernoff and his wife, Debbie. She has worked at the Messianic Jewish Alliance of America for 36 years, and is so thankful that the Lord has provided the opportunity to serve Him there all of these years with Joel Chernoff and the rest of the Beth Yeshua staff.  Faith is married to David Crowley. They are parents of two sons and have eleven grandchildren.