Saturday, January 30, 2021

Mindy Chernoff Interview

Mindy grew up in a Jewish home and found her Messiah.  She has the most fascinating story.  No horsing around here.....:-)

Mindy Chernoff, MA, provides a novel and innovative approach to healing, using horses as a context for promoting self-esteem and a sense of competence with children and adults of diverse backgrounds. With over 50 years experience with horses and 28+ years in addiction recovery, she brings mindfulness into play with her clients, all the while interacting with horses and the peaceful environment. In her experience with both children and adults, she uses animals to foster personal growth and transformation. Within a safe environment, which she has called “The Resonant Horse,” together with the horse, she explores areas of resistance, fear, discomfort, love and acceptance. Mindy feels every life lesson can be learned in the barn.

Mindy’s primary goal is to build upon each individual’s positive traits, encouraging a sense of calm, contentment, and freedom to let go. Her sessions vary in length and focus, depending on the needs and desires of the client.

Horses, in particular, evoke a strong sense of authenticity in those who interact with them, and in the horse’s environment a client is inclined to slow down, notice, feel and heal. By being in close proximity to horses, under the supervision of a trained mentor, stress levels often diminish. One typically experiences deep levels of inner awareness of his/her feelings and desires.

Mindy is a published writer and has facilitated workshops for diverse audiences, such as teenage unwed mothers, and with the Archdiocese of Wilmington. She has also presented workshops at Pendle Hill and at an International Conference in Chicago. Her post graduate training includes study in mindfulness meditation and executive leadership training.

When not attending to clients, Mindy can be found riding “Viton” her Pinto Congress two-time champion.

Saturday, January 23, 2021

Cathy Gohlke Interview

Lately I have been speaking with some amazing authors.  Terri Gillespie introduced me to Cathy Gohlke and I was so intrigued with her story.   Here's a little bit about her:

Bestselling four-time Christy, and two-time Carol and INSPY Award-winning author, Cathy Gohlke, writes novels steeped with inspirational lessons from history. Her stories reveal how people break the chains that bind them and triumph over adversity through faith. When not traveling to historic sites for research, she and her husband of 38 years, Dan, divide their time between Northern Virginia and the Jersey Shore. Visit her website at, follow her on BookbubGoodreads, and find her on Facebook at CathyGohlkeBooks.

Cathy has a great love for the Jewish people and ministers to Holocaust survivors.   Enjoy our inspiring interview!

Saturday, January 16, 2021

Ron Gitelman Interview

I had the pleasure of speaking with Ron Gitelman last month and am excited to share the interview with you today!   Enjoy fabulous music too!

In Ron's own words:

" I was born in Denver and moved with my parents to Fayetteville Arkansas shortly afterwards. We were one of very few Jewish families in a university town that today has grown significantly. I had many Christian friends who would share the Good News with me and at 16 made an initial commitment to Yeshua. However I fell away from that commitment but in my freshman year of college at LSU I recommitted asking Yeshua to show me He is real. Since then I helped build a student led Bible Study at LSU that is still going strong today. I moved to San Francisco and became involved with Jews For Jesus and went on staff for two years before realizing that wasn't my calling. After moving around I settled in New Haven CT and after a divorce that caused much pain God brought my current wife into the picture just over a year later. I started attending Congregation Simchat Yisrael in 1998 and became an elder in 2001. I have been serving as President since 2010 a position which I will be turning over in 2021. My wife and I have been married for 20 years and have 3 wonderful children and are fierce advocates for Messianic Judaism."

Saturday, January 9, 2021

Terri Gillespie is Back!

I am delighted to bring you another interview with the vivacious Terri Gillespie!  We've known each other for many years now and I am excited about her books.  She is very talented and has a wonderful story.

I have some names to draw -- maybe one is yours?   Someone will win her book, "Making Eye Contact With God."  Stay tuned, as they say!

Here's a little more about her:

Award-winning author and beloved speaker, Terri Gillespie writes stories of faith and redemption to nurture women’s souls. Her novels, devotionals, and blogs have drawn readers to hunger for a deeper relationship with their Heavenly Father.

Life is a journey. Terri lived in fear most of her life. Stories helped her see life through the lens of adventure and God’s abiding love. Those stories changed her life. They empowered her to be brave. She hopes hers will change yours.

With over 20 years in ministry, she worked behind the scenes in development and fundraising, wrote the Restoration of Israel radio spots, and was a managing editor of the bestselling Tree of Life Version of the Holy Scriptures (TLV). She currently writes the Wisdom’s Journey daily blog and teaches and writes stories of hope and empowerment for women.

Terri was recently signed with Elk Lake Publishing to publish her next novel, "Sweet Rivalry!"


 Click here for more info about Terri:

Terri Gillespie 


Or for info about Elk Lake Publishing:


Elk Lake Publishing & Terri Gillespie 



Saturday, January 2, 2021

Rabbi EricTeitelman

Welcome back!   I am still pre-recording these shows from home until a) the Pandemic slows way down or b) my board operator (Peter) is recovered from Covid and able to come back to the station.   Please keep him in your prayers.

Today I aired an interview with Rabbi Eric Teitelman.   Here is some info about him:

Pastor (Rabbi) Eric Michael Teitelman is a Jewish Christian and follower of Yeshua. He is ordained as a bi-vocational pastor with the Southern Baptist Convention and is also a worship leader and photographer. He was born in Chicago to Jewish Ashkenazi parents and raised in Bat Yam, Israel for much of his childhood. There he attended Yeshiva Aderet, an orthodox school for rabbinical study.

In 2002 after reading the New Testament, Eric received Yeshua as His Lord and Savior. With a firm knowledge of Old and New Testament scripture and a deep understanding of Jewish culture and rabbinic writings, he brings a unique perspective to his teachings.

Pastor Eric oversees the House of David Ministries—a teaching, worship, and creative arts ministry, focused on building the Kingdom of God by bringing Jew and Gentile Christians together as one new man in Christ Yeshua (Ephesians 2:14-16).

I know you will love the music today -- I am featuring a NEW song from Ted Pearce called "Reign!"