Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Ted Pearce Interview-3

What a thrill to have Ted Pearce live in the studio!   Today I featured some of my favorite songs and we had a great chat.

Ted Pearce is an extremely talented Messianic recording artist and songwriter. He has been apart of the movement since 1990 and has been gifting the movement with powerful, uplifting worship music almost ever since.

Ted hails from Beaumont, Texas and was a staunch atheist. He has been on the music scene in general for years, beginning with southern rock and playing in bars in clubs. He came to faith after reading the Bible in order to try and prove it wrong, needless to say, the Ruach HaKodesh took control of his life from there.

He has performed his Messianic music all over the United States, Israel and Europe. Touched by the work of the March of Life, a holocaust memorial march that began in Germany, Ted founded its sister-effort the March of Remembrance in the United States, which has now spread all across the country.

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Rich Freeman Interview

Another great testimony on today's show!   Dr. Richard Freeman of Chosen People Ministries shares his testimony!

Richard Freeman was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York into a very traditionally Jewish, though not religious, family. He did, however, receive religious training for five years in a conservative synagogue and received his Bar Mitzvah at age thirteen. Following that experience, though staunchly Jewish nationalistically, he drifted away from the synagogue and attended only on the special Jewish holidays.

In 1973 Rich married Julia DeBellis who was from an Italian Catholic background. It was primarily through Julia’s spiritual pilgrimage that God reached Rich. But first Rich met a born-again Christian, his supervisor at work. Though Rich responded angrily at first to this man's sharing his faith, his life was a wonderful testimony of the peace and joy that comes to those who put their faith and trust in the Lord. The joy in his life made Rich jealous and opened his heart to what was to come.

In August 1982, Julia accepted Jesus as her Lord and Savior and immediately began praying for her husband!s salvation. In January 1983, God answered that prayer. Through the ministry of Chosen People Ministries, Rich heard and responded to the Gospel message and accepted Yeshua as his Lord and Savior. Immediately, God gave him a hunger to know Him and His Word intimately. He immersed himself in the Bible and was discipled by his pastor. In the summer of 1987 Rich and Julia responded to God's call and moved to Dallas, Texas where Rich attended Dallas Theological Seminary. While in Dallas, Rich worked as a missionary with Chosen People Ministries. Before finishing the degree program at Dallas, Rich was called to pastor the congregation where he was saved, Light of Israel Messianic Congregation. He became pastor of that congregation in December 1989. In April 1994, Rich also became pastor of Dunwoodie Baptist Church in Yonkers, New York, which is where Light of Israel’s services were held. So, for five years of his ten- year pastorate he enjoyed the unique challenge of pastoring two congregations.

Rich and Julia have three children, Heather, Brian and Joel. They also have two grandsons, Cody and Carrington. On July 1, 1999 Rich assumed his position as Vice-President and Director of Church Ministries and Conferences for Chosen People Ministries. Rich works with churches throughout the country and abroad. Rich teaches Bible Conferences on various topics such as Jewish Evangelism, Messianic Prophecy, End-Time Prophecy, The Church and Israel, The Feasts of Israel, and much more. He also ministers to local churches in Florida where he and his family reside. Rich finished his studies begun in Dallas, at Conservative Baptist Seminary of the East, where he received his M.Div., in September 1994. Rich received his D.Min. at Gordon-Conwell Seminary in 2004.

You will also enjoy the music of Jonathan Settel, Ted Pearce, The Schleps, Joshua Aaron, Greg Silverman and Natasha Kraus-Reynolds.

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Joseph Greenberg Interview

You'll love this one!   I had a fun time interviewing Joseph Greenberg.   This young man is on fire for the L-rd!

Joseph is the Operations Manager at the Messianic Jewish Family Bible Society.  He grew up in upstate NY, the son of Rabbi & Rebbitzin Mark and Daniah Greenberg.  He knew Yeshua from an early age - it seemed perfectly normal to him.

His faith grew deeper when attending a church in Rome, NY (near Syracuse) where his father was a guest speaker.  During praise and worship he felt a joy he had never experienced before.  At that moment he wanted some of that joy for himself.   He walked away to have a talk with God and from that moment on his faith and joy increased tremendously!

Joseph loves working with his family at the Messianic Jewish Family Bible Society.  His mother, Daniah is the CEO, his father Mark is Chairman of the Board, his sister Mandy is the Administrative Assistant and Joseph's wife Brittni is Head of Marketing.   As Operations Manager Joseph oversees the placement of Bibles (Bibles are given to prisons, students, pastors, etc), and is in charge of logistics.   

The Society has produced the TLV (Tree of Life Version) of the Bible, as well as the Messianic Jewish Family Bible.  Joseph explains the difference between these Bibles in an exciting and informative interview.   Both Bibles can be ordered on Amazon.

"To be able to bring G-d's Word to the world - this is truly my passion," Joseph said at the end of our interview.

You'll also enjoy the music of Paul Wilbur, Marty Goetz, Nate Benjamin, Ted Pearce, Jonathan Settel, and The Schleps!

Monday, July 4, 2016

Heart of Galilee Interview

Today's show features fabulous music from the group "Heart of Galilee."  I interviewed Lori Kate Lowenhar on the show a while back, and today I spoke with 3 members of the group.   You'll love their music and love the interview!

Heart of Galilee is an international klezmer trio privileged to call Israel their home. The clarinetist, Lori Kate, is a former member of Jews for Jesus’ Liberated Wailing Wall. Using their musical prowess to embrace genres such as klezmer, folk and Mediterranean, Heart of Galilee seeks to use Jewish flavorful music to communicate the Good News to the lost. The remaining two members of the group are Lori Kate's husband, IIan Gorny on the drums and Sasha Fishman on strings.