Sunday, August 14, 2011

Joel Chernoff Interview

One of the first Messianic groups I ever heard was Lamb, which consisted of Joel Chernoff and Rick Coghill. Together for 20 years, Lamb recorded a much-needed Jewish sound, songs about Yeshua that had a great rhythmic beat. Lamb broke up, but Joel continued to record music. It was such a thrill to sit down with him and talk about his exciting faith journey. Joel's father, Martin, was a pioneer of Messianic Judaism. Joel, himself, is a pioneer of Messianic music. While the audio quality of this interview is a bit off due to some technical difficulties, you will still be able to hear his story. BTW, Joel is the father of Sharon Wilbur, who married Paul Wilbur's son Joel. We truly are one family in Messiah! Enjoy the great music and interview. I know you will!

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