Sunday, February 17, 2013

Brian Slater Interview

It was wonderful to have Brian Slater back on Bagels and Blessings.  In 1996, Brian immigrated to Israel, where he met his Israeli wife, Racheli. They were married in 1997.  Racheli works as administrator for the largest Messianic retreat and conference sports center that is also used for many Messianic camps.  Brian is currently Director of the Netanya Humanitarian Aid Center and Soup Kitchen and has managed and established several others of the same works in Tel-Aviv. Most recently he helped to establish an additional Food Pantry Outreach Center in the center of Netanya, serving a large portion of the Holocaust Survivor population. He also works at times as a nurse, providing free medical care and assisting in directing the day-to-day operations. Brian also leads Bible studies as well as serving as a counselor in a Messianic drug and alcohol treatment center in Netanya.   It was wonderful chatting with Brian and learning how the Lord is using him in Israel!   You'll also enjoy the music of Paul Wilbur, Joshua Aaron, Marty Goetz and Barry and Batya Segal.

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