Monday, June 24, 2013

Marty Goetz Interview

This program features the music of Messianic singer Marty Goetz.  In 1965, a thirteen year old Marty stood in front of the bima at Cleveland's Temple on the Heights for his bar mitzvah, solemnly singing the ancient words of the Torah. No one could have dreamed that he, twenty years later, would be an international recording artist.   After studying English at Carnegie Mellon University, Marty set out for New York City determined to give it two weeks to become a star or he'd go back to Cleveland and the family furniture business. After just a week, Marty and his performing partner Bert, of the duo "Bert and Marty,"  found themselves performing at hotels in the Catskills and were named the "Best New Act of 1947" at the end of the summer. After years on the road, Marty broke up the act, after Bert found Jesus, and returned to New York City. He worked there as a songwriter until 1978, when he shifted his ambitions to pop and moved to Los Angeles.
Marty began reading the Bible looking for a loophole after being provoked by the increasing number of believers in his life. A few weeks later, he realized with certainty that the Jesus of the New Testament was the Messiah his people have been longing for.
Within a year, he established a strong and passionate voice for Messianic believers.
Often called a modern day Psalmist, Marty Goetz sets scripture to music that leaves listeners spiritually moved, inspired, and educated.  Marty has the ability to lead listeners to a place of true intimacy with God.

Marty has been recording music steadily since 1985 and currently lives in Nashville, Tennessee with his family.  His albums include "Psalm Enchanted Evening," "Songs of Israel, "Hope of Glory," and "Songs of our Heritage."

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