Saturday, November 2, 2013

Terri Gillespie Interview

Today I welcomed Terri back to Bagels and Blessings.   What a fun interview!  Terri Gillespie is a wife, mother, grandmother, author and speaker. She is the head writer for the Restoration of Israel Minute heard on 25 stations in 11 states and Canada. Terri has also contributed to several other books, magazines and newspapers over the years. She published her first book, Making Eye Contact with God: A Women's Devotional, in 2008; and released her first novel, The Hair Mavens: She Does Good Hair, on October 1st.

Making Eye Contact with God is a weekly devotional for women only. It enables the reader to see God in a new and fresh way. Using real-life anecdotes, combined with scripture, the book reveals God's heart for women everywhere, and softly speaks of the ways in which women see God.
Gillespie's newest work, She Does Good Hair, is about a chic hairdresser on the fast-track to salon fame who is yanked back to her hometown when she inherits a rundown salon with three beauticians stuck in the '80s and certain to make her life a tangled mess. Only God could bring four of the most unlikely women together in a friendship that will cause a change in each of their lives— if they don't kill each other first!

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Today's program featured the music of Jonathan Settel, Beckah Shae, Craig Taubman, Debbie Chernoff, Lamb, the Schleps and Sean Spicer.

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