Saturday, September 27, 2014

Ira Goldberg Interview

How exciting to have Ira back on Bagels and Blessings!   Here is a little bit about Ira: 

He is the son of Jewish parents Sam and Sylvia Goldberg, was born in the Bronx in 1952 and raised in New Jersey. He became a believer on Jan. 27, 1997. Ira became a Messianic broadcaster "thanks to Ethel Chadwick," first as a guest then he sat in for Ethel. He moved to South Carolina in 2007, where he previously attended Adon Olam Messianic Congregation and co-hosted a radio show called "Down Home Shalom" with AJ Sizemore.

Ira currently attends Beit Shiloh in Asheville and Spartanburg. He is now the co-host of the podcast "Jew and Gentile One in Messiah" with pastor Alton Stone of the Donaldson Church of God, Greenville, South Carolina.

We had a lot of fun in today's broadcast, plus you will enjoy music from Jonathan Settel, Lamb, Corry Bell & Lev Shelo, Greg Silverman, Steve McConnell and the Schleps!

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