Sunday, January 24, 2016

Desiree Morton Interview

This week I had the privilege to interview Desiree Morton about her faith.  Born and raised in New York, Desiree has lived most of her fifty-three years of life in Rochester. She was born in Auburn, New York to parents Geraldine and Jesse Morton and after her parents divorced, Desiree and her six siblings grew up in a single parent home with mom, Geraldine.

It was one of Desiree’s five brothers, Jeffrey, who introduced the family to Jesus. The fifth born child of six, Desiree was still in high school at the time and she began attending Bethel Christian Fellowship Church.

The same would later introduce the family to Yeshua. Desiree began her journey to Torah and the Jewish people by asking herself, “What did the disciples know about Yeshua that we don’t?”

This past Sukkot, Desiree visited the land of Israel with her sister-in-law and she comments that the rest of the family is gaining knowledge and moving closer to the Jewish Yeshua and the Whole Word of God.    

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