Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Denise Spinos Interview

This originally aired in May of 2015 but never made it to my podcast.   So better late than never!

Deinise Spinos is a product of a Russian-Orthodox Jewish father and a German Lutheran mother, this vibrant, energetic psalmist truly is Ephesians 2:15... One New Man.

Her life is an open book as she shares her testimony. Growing up in a perfectionistic, rage-filled home, she learned early that she would never be "good enough". Hating herself, by the age of 12, she was well on her way to many years of addictive and destructive behaviors.

God in his inimitable grace and mercy delivered her from alcoholism, drug-addiction, smoking, codependent relationships, eating disorders, workaholism and more.

In constant gratitude, the joy of the Lord is her strength  An exuberant, joy-filled, fervent worshipper, Denise has been given a unique gift. As God brings her through situations. He gives her songs of victory and deliverance.

Her songs such as "Grace thru' Faith" and "Rejoice" have brought people to salvation. Others have brought healing and joy. As she has embraced her Jewish roots, "One New Man", a powerful message to the Church has been birthed.

Denise ministers in story and song to bring God's love, healing and encouragement that will uplift you, bless you and bring you joy!

Enjpy the music of Sally Klein O'Connor, Jonathan Settel, Nate Benjamin, Craig Taubman, the Schleps and Sharon Wilbur!

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