Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Ted Pearce Interview-3

What a thrill to have Ted Pearce live in the studio!   Today I featured some of my favorite songs and we had a great chat.

Ted Pearce is an extremely talented Messianic recording artist and songwriter. He has been apart of the movement since 1990 and has been gifting the movement with powerful, uplifting worship music almost ever since.

Ted hails from Beaumont, Texas and was a staunch atheist. He has been on the music scene in general for years, beginning with southern rock and playing in bars in clubs. He came to faith after reading the Bible in order to try and prove it wrong, needless to say, the Ruach HaKodesh took control of his life from there.

He has performed his Messianic music all over the United States, Israel and Europe. Touched by the work of the March of Life, a holocaust memorial march that began in Germany, Ted founded its sister-effort the March of Remembrance in the United States, which has now spread all across the country.

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