Saturday, November 24, 2018

Pastor Sam & Heather Walker

What would you do if your house and all your possessions burned down?   I recently met Pastor Sam & Heather Walker from Paradise, California .  Pastor Sam leads Congregation Harei Yeshua in Paradise, CA. The Walkers lost their home in the recent fires and are still praising the Lord. Their life has been turned upside down yet they still want to serve Adonai with their whole heart. At this time they are waiting to find out if their building and Torah scroll are safe. Our prayers are with them and all the families that were affected by the raging fires.

UPDATE:  The building and Torah Scroll were saved!  Hallelujah!

I had the opportunity to interview Pastor Sam and Heather recently when we attended a Messianic Leaders Training in Phoenix, Arizona.

If you want to donate to help the Walkers, please do so here:

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