Sunday, December 30, 2018

Daniel Calic Interview

I met so many fascinating people at a recent conference in Arizona.   Enjoy this interview with Daniel Calic of Bless Israel Network, and great music from Jonathan Settel, Corry Bell, Joshua Aaron, The Schleps, Deborah Kline Iantorno, Miqedem and Marty Goetz!

Daniel is a Jewish believer in Yeshua and is the
Co-Founder, Co-Director Israel Operations and Co-Host of Revelation to the Nations. He and his wife D’vorah have been helping Christians understand the Jewish roots of their faith for many years. In 2007 after making numerous trips to Israel, they launched a teaching ministry called God’s Everlasting Covenant, and in 2011, they answered a calling from God and made Aliyah.
Daniel comes from a traditional Jewish background in the US and is part of a large family, many of whom are Israeli natives. He is a passionate defender of Israel, having written numerous articles which have appeared in mainstream publications. He and D’vorah share a call to help Jews recognize who they are in God’s eyes. Daniel and D’vorah have spoken at numerous Christian and Messianic Jewish congregations, and Daniel has been a guest on Daystar TV. 
They are co-founders of Bless Israel Network, which is a media organization based in Israel. Their program, Revelation to the Nations, is the first and only dedicated platform providing a worldwide voice for the Messianic body in Israel. Their program interviews Messianic believers which allows them to share how these believers are building the Kingdom in the Land through humanitarian work. Revelation to the Nations is an interactive bridge giving believers worldwide the opportunity to bless their believing brethren inside Israel. It also allows believers to play a direct role in bringing Jews to faith in Israel, by allowing viewers to support the various Ministries humanitarian work, which includes sharing the Gospel.
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