Saturday, December 28, 2019

Jane "Goldie" Winn

I had a fun interview with Goldie Winn the other day.   She just published a book, "Rainbows in the Night, a Story of Redemption," and it will inspire and encourage you!

Jane is a talented, musician with a beautiful voice, who also plays a mean sax. She is a deeply caring and fiercely loyal, life coach and counselor. Yet what will strike you most about her is her unquenchable joy. It will come as a shock to you that years ago she was a completely different person- deeply-troubled, persistently self-centered and profoundly depressed. 

In her book Rainbow in the Night, she unveils the secret to her joy. She unravels the mystery of how the Lord gently but firmly lifted her up and out of that place of darkness and into the multi-colored rainbow of his love.

Enjoy fabulous music too, of course!


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