Saturday, January 16, 2021

Ron Gitelman Interview

I had the pleasure of speaking with Ron Gitelman last month and am excited to share the interview with you today!   Enjoy fabulous music too!

In Ron's own words:

" I was born in Denver and moved with my parents to Fayetteville Arkansas shortly afterwards. We were one of very few Jewish families in a university town that today has grown significantly. I had many Christian friends who would share the Good News with me and at 16 made an initial commitment to Yeshua. However I fell away from that commitment but in my freshman year of college at LSU I recommitted asking Yeshua to show me He is real. Since then I helped build a student led Bible Study at LSU that is still going strong today. I moved to San Francisco and became involved with Jews For Jesus and went on staff for two years before realizing that wasn't my calling. After moving around I settled in New Haven CT and after a divorce that caused much pain God brought my current wife into the picture just over a year later. I started attending Congregation Simchat Yisrael in 1998 and became an elder in 2001. I have been serving as President since 2010 a position which I will be turning over in 2021. My wife and I have been married for 20 years and have 3 wonderful children and are fierce advocates for Messianic Judaism."

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