Saturday, March 6, 2021

Jonathan Biddlecombe Interview

 Messianic believer, painter, lover of God, fascinating human -- this is Jonathan Biddlecombe.   You will enjoy his life story and his wonderful South African accent too.  Here is some info about his ministry:  In a few weeks I will air an interview with his wife, Babette.

Eagles Glide International Ministries (*EGIM) was born out of a desire to see the Body of Messiah reach its God-given potential through Messiah's redemptive love.

We are a multifaceted ministry and fellowship; taking the
Good News of Yeshua the Messiah into all the world, equipping, empowering and encouraging the body of believers to walk in truth, righteousness and wholeness.

Eagles Glide International Ministries  (*EGIM) is an Oklahoma non-profit organization and is supported by a board of trustees who have served the Lord for many years. EGIM was established in May 2002 from a vision planted many years ago: To see the broken-hearted healed, the captive set free, and the lost found... Isaiah 61

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